Walkin’ the walk

Walkin’ the walk

Can someone please tell me how my li’l sweet baby can already be on the verge of toddlerhood? He’s only 9 months old. I’m not sure I’m ready for this!


  1. oh gosh. so it is true baby wearing and a second baby they grow up way too fast!!!!!!! He is so so cute!!!!!

  2. Oh man… he is going to be running places real soon!

  3. Oh, you are in trouble now! What a cutie!
    Henry surprised me in the same way–he walked at 11 months, after being such a sick preemie!
    My theory is second child, mixed with lots of breastfeeding and wearing!

  4. UT OH!! I had an early walker with Chase! It wasn’t too too bad ;) LOL!! What a great and exciting milestone!!

  5. How cute!

    PS: We had that exact same first steps toy thing he was using, and it drove me CRAZY!!!!

  6. That boys got the moves! He’s fast, too. WTG, Julian, and watch out, Mommy. ;o) Nadia was an early walker too…cruising/walking with one of theose walkers by 8 months, walking completely on her own by 10 months.

  7. beautiful baby boy! You’re so lucky to have him do things early…kudos to you mommy! Thanks for sharing.

  8. LOOK AT HIM GO!!! These 2nd kids, I tell ya. They refuse to be babies :)

    (And I could never take video at my house to post bc my kids can trash my carpet faster than I can clean it back up…. :) )

  9. Ooo, he’s a cute boy!

  10. What a big boy, after having my first walk at 20 months was not expecting my 9 month old to be walking already – they grow so quick

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