Best Shot Monday – 9/10/07

Since I already shared a slew of pics from Ava’s first day of preschool, which I consider my best shots from the week but do not want to repost again, I will share this one (also from preschool, but not yet posted on the blog).


See more best shots:
little bsm button

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11 thoughts on “Best Shot Monday – 9/10/07”

  1. Ditto what Maya said. And I don’t think I ever got to comment on your other preschool post, but I LOVED those pictures. Ava is looking like such a little lady!

  2. Super saying, and gorgeous photo for what it represents. Loved the preschool report and photos, too.

    Oh, and Amy, got any lunch ideas for me for Waldorf preschool? (Future post idea?) Will starts tomorrow and I made some zucchini bread, but I’m trying to think about some more non-sweet future lunch ideas. Thanks!

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