Wordless Wednesday – 9/12/07 – Mountain sunset


  1. What a beautiful sky! Sure looks like the two ribbons of clouds are swimming together! So lively!

  2. Colorado is indeed a beautiful state. This is a perfect example of the beauty. Have a great WW. :)

  3. gorgeous shot! some day I hope to do some adventuring in the states… happy ww!

  4. That’s beautiful. I have up a WW shot of the sky today myself. Hope you can come visit!

  5. Damn it was hard to track you down!!! Love the new site, though!!! Very groovy! Cool picture, and welcome to the world of having your own domain!! WooHoo!!!!!!

  6. I love sunsets this one is esp nice w/some purple–I want to see it bigger:. prefreably in person

  7. Nothing – nothing – beats a Colorado sunset. Lovely shot.

  8. Gorgeous pic. I sure wish we had digital cameras back when I visited Colorado. I have no idea where my pics are now. dammit. LoL

    Thanks for sharing and for visiting!

  9. Stunning photo! I am really hoping that we are stationed in Colorado at some point in my husband’s career. I’ve only heard amazing things about that state!


  10. Wow just Wow what a picture, very well done I love it!

  11. Gorgeous! the colors are so vibrant and bold…nature is more beautiful than anything we could dream up in our heads!

  12. I enjoyed my trip to Colorado, it is a lovely state. Great picture!

  13. Yes, it does look like a postcard, especially with the border you’ve given it. Very nice shot.

  14. Amy, that is spectacularly beautiful! Wonderful job at capturing natures beauty.

  15. This is awesome! I love it, nice work!

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