to. the. point.

to. the. point.

Wordless Wednesday is below.

Interesting day today.

Started with a migraine. Skipped Music Together class.

Took an impromptu drive into the mountains. Saw some aspen turning yellow.

Ava had to pee. Found a Porta-John at a trailhead. Somehow squeezed Ava, me and Julian into the Porta-John. Fun.

Picked up Jody from work. Drove home.

Jody bathed kids. I made dinner. New vegetarian recipe. Ate.

Bedtime for kids.

Full moon out. Going to try for take two. Then must sleep.

(Future blogs will not be written this way. I’m in a mood.)


  1. Must be the full moon : ) I hope the mood is better for you soon.

  2. Eeek! I know what you mean with the porta pots. Will says to me now, Mommy, the have GERMS! :)

  3. even in short choppy sentences, it sounds like a full day! Hope you got some good sleep and are feeling better today. Hugs!

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