Wordless Wednesday – 10/10/07 – Crisp Autumn walk


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    These are from our walk up in the mountains this weekend. It was really chilly so the walk didn’t last long.

    The first picture includes a couple of the only aspen trees up there that hadn’t yet lost it’s leaves. Most of the trees were already bare.

    Crunchy Domestic Goddess

  2. Those are great pictures.
    Love the fall
    Happy WW

  3. Amy, for some reason I can’t get the first picture to expand for me. I CAN”T believe you are in fall gear already. WOW, we are still in shorts (though that is about to change). I love the leave picture. A very cool shot!!

  4. it may not have felt like you got what you wanted (your previous post) but these are beautiful.

  5. Oh I love those – especially the b/w one with her little face peeking back over his shoulder! Happy WW :)

  6. Send some cool weather this way, please???? We hit 90* yesterday….

  7. Very pretty. Your leaf photo turned out gorgeous! Jody certainly was loaded down, wasn’t he? ;)

  8. What great shots! I love them all. I think that there is definitely a fall theme going on for many Wordless Wednesday posts!

  9. You sure do make it hard to pick a favortie photo, when they’re ALL so awesome! Love the family Daddy-and-kids portrait (next time use the timer and make it a family portrait!), the second is sweet and tender and hilarious, and the leaf picture, well, its just perfect for autumn!

  10. Fantastic photos. Thanks for sharing those. I love the one with both kids hanging on.

  11. I love Jody’s pic. where he carries both of the kids. Beautiful!

  12. love autumn so much! and dads with babies in slings always make the cutest photos! happy ww :)

  13. I love the second one. But — they are all beautiful.

  14. Beautiful pictures…love the fall colors.

  15. Great photos! The leaf is beautiful! Your family is even more beautiful. I’m not sure where you live, but it must not be anywhere near us because it has been unseasonably warm here and our trees are just now beginning to turn. And we haven’t even had the need to pull out jackets and hats, though it looks like we’ll have the chance today.

  16. That is amazing how you captured the droplet of water on that leaf!

  17. All three photos are beautiful portrayals of fall. Had to laugh at the second, my husband wears his pants like that too! lOl

  18. Those are very nice picture you have a great eye for great picture thanks for sharing them!!!!

  19. Daddy the pack horse! LOL! That would be so typical round here. Love the pictures.

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