Wordless Wednesday – 10/17/07 – Fun in a box


  1. That’s awesome – they’re having a ton of fun in there! Makes you wonder why we spend all the money on toys… Happy WW! :)

  2. yes that looks so much fun – a lovely photo in b & w .You have given me a great idea for my own photos.
    My twin sons 1 yr love to play with boxes too.

  3. Those darn boxes outshine the present all the time. Guess we would feel bad just wrapping up an empty box as a gift.lol

    Take care,

  4. Gotta love that empty space in a box… waiting to be filled.

  5. What a gorgeous pic! And thanks for stopping by my blog – at the moment, I’m looking for breastfeeding photos for my website/blog posts, but if I do a reprint of the book, then I’m hoping to include more photos… so if you email some photos, I may use them on the blog or book (if you give me permission)!
    HAppy WW!

  6. Totally fun!! They always have more fun with the danged box than they do they toy… why do we buy the toy again?? :x

  7. What a precious picture! It is one of those timeless ones that reflects the innocence, imagination and happiness that children exude.

  8. Too cute! Amazing how long a simple box can entertain!

  9. Great picture! I posted a picture of my youngest playing in a box this week too! Ha ha! Great minds think alike! :)

  10. What a great shot – that is one for the wall!

  11. Isn’t it amazing that the simplest, least expensive “things” usually make the most fun toys!? Simply adorable picture!!

    Jane, Pinks & Blues

  12. Who needs toys when you can play in a box?

  13. Beautiful, fun pic. Who doesn’t want to hop in a box and have some fun!

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