An interview with yours truly

An interview with yours truly

Jenny at Mommin’ It Up was recently interviewed by another blogger and had so much fun with it, she decided to carry it on herself. I told her I was game to play along so she sent me my own set of questions. Here they are, with, of course, my answers.

If you’d like me to interview you, leave me a comment stating you’d like to be interviewed and I’ll send you your own set of questions. :)

1) You are the Crunchy Domestic Goddess. How did you get to be so Crunchy?
While I think I always had some crunchy tendencies, they really didn’t start fully emerging until I became pregnant with Ava. At that point I started becoming more aware of the foods I was eating and how they would affect my health as well as my baby’s. I learned about organic foods for the FIRST time. I started researching natural childbirth and eventually took Hypnobirthing classes. I also learned about attachment parenting, which felt to me, like a natural way to raise my children. Over the past three years, I’ve become progressively crunchier as I’ve learned more about various things like vaccinations, homeopathy, home birth (which I had with my son), acupuncture, placentophagia, growing my own organic garden, composting, natural cleaning products, cloth diapers, baby wearing, the DivaCup (which I haven’t tried yet), and the list goes on and on. I really feel my kids were the impetus for letting my crunchiness blossom.

2) You met your husband on the internet. What was your first “face-to-face” impression of him?
Uh, my very first impression after I flew across the country to meet him was – “Oh my gosh, what have I done?” ;) Honestly, it was very awkward for the first several minutes and I started wondering if I could somehow get an earlier flight home. But after we hung out for the first hour or two, the awkwardness faded and we completely hit it off. In fact, I ended up extending my visit for a few more days because I did not want to leave him. That first meeting was almost 10 years ago now.

3) You take some amazing pictures! Do you have one or two all-time favorites you can share with us?
Aww, shucks. Thank you. :) Share one or two? You’re kidding me, right? Do you know how many photos I have on my computer?! Well, neither do I, but the point is – there are a LOT. A LOT! OK, OK. Just for you, I will try to narrow it down and find a few of my favorites. ;)

This sunset picture is definitely one of my favorites and I got it by being in the right place at the right time AND actually having my camera with me. I find it’s often hard to have everything come together like that, so I feel I lucked out.
Colorado Sunset 2005

I have tons and tons of pictures of Ava that I love, so it’s really impossible to choose a favorite, but I really like this one from when she had just turned two. She just looks so sweet and innocent. I actually had it one blown up to a 16 x 20.
Ava - age 2

Here’s one of my favorites of Julian – in a cup – from when he was 4 months old. Hard to believe he’ll be turning 1 next month!

Julian 4 mos.

4) You seem to be passionate about a variety of things – breastfeeding, attachment parenting, photography, etc. If you could only choose ONE thing to advocate for, what would it be?
Again with the choosing just one thing. You like to make this tough on me, don’t ya?
If I had to choose only ONE thing to advocate for, it would be for an overhaul of the current childbirth system in our country. I would advocate for the normalization of birth and a serious decrease in the over-medicalization that has taken over the institution.

5) Tell us, O Crunchy Domestic One, what’s your favorite non-mommy, non-blogging related thing to do for fun?
Sleep. Seriously. I miss my sleep. If not sleep, then definitely photography. :)

Now it’s your turn. If you want to be interviewed, leave me a comment including the words “Interview me.” I will respond by emailing you five questions. I get to pick the questions. If you don’t have a valid email address on your blog, please provide one. You will update your blog with a post containing your answers to the questions. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.


  1. This is my first time commenting on your blog, but I have been reading for quite some time now. I would love to be interviewed!

  2. I didn’t know some of this about you- meeting hubby online! And I do love your photos! Feel free to ask me some fun q’s anytime!


  3. That was an awesome interview! Pregnancy started my serious crunchiness, too! lol

    And, as always, I LOVE the pics you take!!! Seriously, if I wasnt all the way across the country, I’d pay you to take all of our family pictures! :)

  4. *jumping up and down, waving wildly*

    interview me! me! me!

    (btw: the birth system would be what I’d choose, too)

  5. i’d love to be interviewed! though i’m not sure my answers will be as great as yours . . .

  6. Veeeeeeeeery interesting ;) Especially about you and Jody. I had similar thoughts when I went out with DH first. But somehow it just kept going, and going and going! LOL!

  7. It was so nice to read that and get to know you better. Man, I wish I knew oyu in real life…I need some gorgeous pics of my kids like those! LOL!

  8. Amy, I can’t believe how much I know about you via only the internet. I could have predicted most of your answers! It has been a loooong time!

    I’m always up for an interview!

  9. You’ve a lot of interviews to conduct, but um… if you feel like doing one more, I’m game. Sounds like fun!

    I am a little crunchy myself.

  10. Reading this was fun! If you’ve got any open spaces left, you can interview me! :)

  11. I love this interview. You’re just a swell gal.

    I’m thinking. Maybe interview me. Maybe not. I’m thinking.

    P.S. Ignore my email. Obviously I got to your blog. :)

  12. here I am tagging along at the end of your interview list, if you have any spare question, fling them my way!

    I do love your photos and the giant cup :)

  13. great list. Fun to get to know you a litte better!Kids have such a huge impact on us, our world!

  14. Great interview mama! I love reading your blog and seeing your views on different things. Take care!

  15. Fun interview – interview me! I work for GladRags cloth pads and I think it’s just about time you give them a whirl, being crunchy and all.

    If you’re looking to try a menstrual cup – the Moon Cup or Keeper might just be the thing.

    Drop me a line and maybe we can work something out :)

  16. That baby-in-the-cup pic is terrific – I remember when you posted it. Photography is definitely a gift of yours :)

    I’m up for an interview if you’re game!

  17. For #4 I love you. :)

    Having my first is what crunchified me as well. I went into prgnancy with a “give me drugs and schedule my section” thought pattern and came out a natural birthing, breastfeeding, sling wearing hippie. LOL

  18. So fun to read your answers! Cool story about meeting DH on-line. And I love the picture of your baby in a cup… so creative and adorable!!

    I would be honored to be interviewed… :)

  19. Fun! Yeah, you definitely need to read “Pushed” ;) And as I was reading “Animal, Vegetable, Miracle” last night I was thinking of you. I think you’d enjoy that one too, and you’re welcome to borrow my copy when I’m done.

    I slept in to 6:30 today!! Blah. I miss sleep too!

  20. Ooh, ooh! (Hand waving in the air). Interview me! Shameless when it comes to publicity, even when I’m just publicizing myself to myself. :)

  21. Too excited to type my URL correctly (sheepish grin).

  22. Love the interview, and I’d love to be interviewed by you!

    And thanks for the technology info! :)

  23. This is a great interview!

    We have a lot in common, its nice to find that, and well, it would be nice to sleep one day too.

  24. Hello there, Miss Crunchy Mama who takes amazing photos and never ceases to amuse and entertain me with her awesome posts! I loved this post….interview me, eh?


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