I feel so honored to have received a couple of awards recently from fellow bloggers. Deb at Mom of 3 Girls gave me the Out of this World award. Thank you, Deb! :) And Katja from Skimbaco and Mama Luxe from Mamanista both awarded me with the Nice Matters Award. Wasn’t that so nice of them? :) Thank you, ladies. I’d like to pass the Out of this World award on to Tiffany at Nature Moms for always telling it like it is and raising social awareness on a variety of issues. And I’d like to give the Nice Matters award to Michelle at What’sRead More →

Jody took the last two days off of work so I could have a little break of sorts. Of course, as a mom I’m never really off the clock, but I did get to sleep in with sickie Julian (he’s got a cold) until 10:30 this morningĀ  (which was glorious!), while Jody took Ava to preschool. And yesterday I did a bit of consignment shopping on my own. I found some wooden toys for the kids and a zebra costume for Julian. Ava has asked to be a lion and we already have her costume, so I was glad to find something that will fitRead More →

Jenny at Mommin’ It Up was recently interviewed by another blogger and had so much fun with it, she decided to carry it on herself. I told her I was game to play along so she sent me my own set of questions. Here they are, with, of course, my answers. If you’d like me to interview you, leave me a comment stating you’d like to be interviewed and I’ll send you your own set of questions. :) 1) You are the Crunchy Domestic Goddess. How did you get to be so Crunchy? While I think I always had some crunchy tendencies, they really didn’tRead More →