Help! I’d like to buy a vegan cookbook (just one) so that I can start experimenting with vegan meals once or twice a week. I am looking for something with relatively easy to make, quick if possible and kid-friendly (in that the meals aren’t so elaborate that the kids will turn up their noses) recipes. I’m mostly looking for dinners though desserts are always welcome too. ;) So my question is: what is your favorite vegan cookbook and why? Thank you! :)Read More →

Congratulations to Homemom3! Her number was chosen by as the winner of Herb, The Vegetarian Dragon – a book from Barefoot Books. Thank you to everyone who entered. I have several more fun contests coming up in the next few weeks. :) In the meantime, if it is contests that you love, make your way over to Homemom3’s blog, where she regularly showcases contests from around the ‘net. Don’t forget to keep Barefoot Books in mind for birthdays or holiday shopping. Right now you can receive a FREE copy of “Storytime” with any purchase of $30 or more until October 31st. Note: The bookRead More →

Ever since Jessica Seinfeld appeared on Oprah touting her new book “Deceptively Delicious,” there’s been lot of talk around the internet about sneaking veggies into kids’ food. Some are for it, some are against it. I tend to take a somewhat moderate approach. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with mixing vegetables into other foods, but I don’t believe in intentionally trying to deceive your kids. Seinfeld says she will set a box of store-bought mac & cheese out on the counter so the kids assume that’s what she is making, while in the meantime she is whipping up her own healthy homemade mac, cheeseRead More →

Today, Oct. 15, 2007, is Blog Action Day where I join over 15,000 other bloggers to write about the environment. I have chosen to write about ways to go green without breaking the bank. The decision to go green is a wonderful one – both for you and your family and for the environment. However, it can be overwhelming at first, especially if you are living on a budget as most families are. Today I’m going to make some suggestions for ways you can become more environmentally-friendly without breaking the bank. Something important to keep in mind is that going green is a work inRead More →

I overheard this conversation between Ava (3) and Jody AKA Daddy while I stepped out of the kitchen to use the bathroom this evening. Ava: Where’d mommy go? Daddy: To the bathroom. Ava: Why? Daddy: Because she has to pee. Ava: Why? Daddy: Because she drank a lot of water so her bladder is full. Ava: You poop out of your vagina. Daddy: No, you poop out of your…(pause)…your anus. And you pee out of your urethra. Ava: What do you use your vagina for? Daddy: Pause. That’s a little more complicated. We’ll talk about that when you get older. (Note: I hesitated before postingRead More →