There’s a good chance you’ve already heard that October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month, and if you haven’t, now you know. :) Some blogs have chosen to “Go Pink” for the month to help raise money and awareness. While I’m too timid to mess with my newly designed blog and risk breaking it, I have put an icon in my left sidebar to the Breast Cancer Site where you can click daily to help fund mammograms. Feel free to go here to add one to your site as well. Since I am currently breastfeeding, I feel like I’m pretty darn familiar with my breasts,Read More →

Any of you who read my blog regularly know that I am pretty opinionated passionate about a wide variety of topics. As I sat down to write this blog Wednesday night, I couldn’t decide which of my passions to discuss. I was looking for something that I have strong feelings about, but not something that would require a lot of time to write or research to back up my opinions (because I had a migraine most of the day and needed to get some good sleep). I finally decided to write about children and food. I’ve been doing a bit of reading the past weekRead More →

My Wordless Wednesday post is below. Today is the day of the Great Virtual Breast Fest sponsored by The League of Maternal Justice. A virtual nurse-in is being held at 10 a.m. (your local time) today. It’s so frustrating to me that here we are in the year 2007 and we are having to fight for something as basic as a baby’s right to eat because of people like Bill Maher who equates breastfeeding to masturbation and Facebook who bans breastfeeding photos because they are “obscene,” and restaurants like Applebee’s who insist that breastfeeding women cover up as if they are doing something shameful. ItRead More →

I feel like I’ve been in a total funk the past two weekends and I’m not exactly sure why, though I have my suspicions. My guess is that I’ve had these ideas of how I expected/wanted the weekends to go and, in both cases, they didn’t go that way at all. Be forewarned, I sound like a whiny baby ahead. I haven’t been getting as much sleep lately as I would like/need so I’m sure that’s playing a role here too. Two weekends ago, we planned to go to a Harvest Festival at the local Waldorf school. It went from 10 til 2, but becauseRead More →