Best Shot Monday – 11/26/07 – Julian’s 1st birthday

Best Shot Monday – 11/26/07 – Julian’s 1st birthday

You know that with my li’l guy turning 1 this past week, I have a lot of pictures to share. :) So I’ll put my “best shot” first, then the rest will follow if you are interested in taking a look. You may notice that I had to use my flash for the majority of the pictures. Generally speaking, I prefer to go with natural light whenever possible, but I’ve learned that sometimes I need to get over myself and use my flash to avoid grainy as heck (see the pic of Julian and his cake for an example) and often blurry pics, especially on special occasions like birthdays.

(You can mouse over each pic for the caption.)

Best shot – I just love this shot of the two kiddos rolling around the bed together.:
Good morning hugs and tumbles on the bed for birthday boy Julian from Ava - 11/23/07

And the rest of the birthday fun:
Birthday squeezes - 11/23/07New toy - 11/23/07More playing - 11/23/07Much-needed sustenance - 11/23/07Sustenance of another kind (feeding himself sweet potatoes) - 11/23/07Birthday boy and his cake - 11/23/07Whole family - 11/23/07“Tastes good, mama.” - 11/23/07“Ice cream is good too, Dada.” - 11/23/07Sharing laughs with Ava - 11/23/07Birthday tickles! - 11/23/07Cake-faced Julian with the balloon - 11/23/07Ready for bed - 11/23/07

See more best shots over at Picture This (click the button):
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  1. Happy birthday dear Julian!
    Lovely pictures,thanks for sharing!

  2. happy birthday…great pics. i really like the one of the two of them looking at each other and laughing…that’s just great.

  3. Happy Birthday! What a great collection of birthday photos.

  4. Fun shots :) Happy Birthday to both of you!

    I feel the same way about flash. I have to remind myself that I could miss the shot completely if all I’m aiming for is perfection! Memories are way, way more important!

  5. Your choice of photo for BSM is just precious. I love seeing such sweet moments captured. Your two are so cute.

    Well, Julian certainly had a happy birthday. Happy belated birthday, big boy!

  6. We have that same little wooden box. He looks so happy — all of you do.

  7. Happy Birthday to you most adorable boy! Love the lovey shots.

  8. Happy Birthday and the pictures are wonderful.

  9. Awww, Happy Birthday to the lil’ guy. And you too, Momma! Great pics.

  10. Happy birthday to an adorable little man! Turning one is such a bittersweet milestone. He is such a cutie, and I love the bond between him and Ava. Terrific pictures!
    I avoid the flash as much as possible, too, but with a PAS that doesn’t do well in dim light, I’m finally accepting that sometimes I just have to suck it up and use flash.

  11. He’s so cute! Love the ones of them together in particular!

  12. Happy Birthday! Great pictures of the party! I do love the first one too.

  13. Happy Birthday to Julian! The first shot is heartwarming – I can see why it was your BSM…but the rest of them were great too! It sure looks like it was a fun first birthday!

  14. What amazing pictures. I love the picture of you with the kids..the smiles are the best!

  15. They have gotten so big in such a short time! Ava is looking so mature these days and looks a lot like aunt Carrie. :) Wishing we could have been there to help celebrate and for the kiddos to play together. Just last night C said “I wish I could play with my friend Simon and I wish I could play with Ava again too.” I’m all teary eyed thinking about it!! Wish we could play again too.

    Hugs to you and super big hugs to Mr. J!

  16. What a beautiful day all of you had! Thanks for sharing the fun :)

  17. oh, he’s absolutely adorable! thanks for sharing the pics :)

  18. Great shots! I too am photographer. I love the boob shot… I have a few of those myself and totally treasure them! Happy Birthday to Julian! It goes too fast. My youngest is three. Some days I want to stop time where it stands and just drink up every possible detail! Photos kind of do that for us, I suppose (note to self: take more!) Thanks for sharing your special moments- nice job!

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