12/13/07 9:14 a.m. Mountain Time: THIS CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED TO ENTRIES. The WINNER (selected by random.org) is #40 Caryn of Bailey Family. Congratulations! :) NaBloPoMo – Day 21 It’s time to get serious about toy shopping, not only because the holidays are just around the corner, but because lately we’ve had recall after recall concerning toys made in China and toy shopping has had to become serious business. Serious business because it’s proving to be more important than ever to do your homework and know that the toys you are purchasing for your children will be safe (i.e. free from lead paint or anyRead More →

NaBloPoMo – Day 20 Sorry for the lack of quality posting today, but in addition to spending time with my parents who are visiting from MI and shopping for our Thanksgiving dinner, I’ve been busy working on my holiday toy gift guide (with a giveaway) which will be up shortly! I hope you like it. :)Read More →

First of all, I’ve got two winners to announce today. The winner of Lily’s Garden Herbals All-Purpose Cleaner (thanks to random.org) is #20 – Christine of From Dates to Diapers. Congratulations, Christine! And the winner of the “I Love You More” book (again, thanks to random.org) is #16 – Brooke (no blog listed). Congratulations! And now for more giveaway fun… The holiday gift guide is up over at Mama Speaks. Not only are there a ton of great gift recommendations, there are a ton of great gifts you can win, including an “I make milk. What’s your superpower?” shirt in the And Baby Makes ThreeRead More →

NaBloPoMo – Day 19 There’s nothing like the expected arrival of house guests (my parents will arrive later today) to get my butt in gear with both a) cleaning my house and b) decorating my house. This weekend was a blur of shopping (new rugs and picture frames), printing photos, hanging pictures and cleaning. We’ve lived in this house for 7 years and there were still a number of empty walls (mostly in the basement, where our guest bedroom and bathroom are, but still). Having a passion for photography and having taken more pictures than I can possibly count, I have no excuse for notRead More →

NaBloPoMo – Day 18 My son has been pooping vegetables. Yes, you read that right. Pooping vegetables. I don’t mean bits of vegetables mixed in with his poop. I mean just vegetables and nothing else. I know he doesn’t chew his food all that well, but this single veggie pooping is a bit bizarre. First yesterday morning he pooped a slice of carrot. No poop, just a carrot. Jody changed that diaper so I took his word for it, but wondered if the carrot had somehow fallen into his diaper. Later in the day, however, I had the chance to see for myself when heRead More →

NaBloPoMo – Day 17 Green tip of the week: If you can’t afford to buy organic produce, you can still clean up your conventional produce and remove dirt, pesticides, chemicals, and insect residue with your own fruit and veggie wash spray. All you need for this recipe is natural soap, vinegar and water. Not sure how contaminated your produce is? Check out the dirty dozen list to see which fruits and veggies have the most/least amount of pesticides. Have any green tips you’ve recently learned? Please email them to me and I may include your tip with a link to your site or blog inRead More →