Best Shot Monday – 12/3/07

Best Shot Monday – 12/3/07

Nothing spectacular to share this week, but here’s a family pic of us that my mom took at the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park while we were on vacation last week. Too bad the kids were looking in opposite directions. hee, hee.

Our family at the Stanley Hotel - 11/30/07

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  1. It’s still a great pic of all of you even if they are looking the wrong direction!

  2. Yes — but you’re all together. It’s great. Please tell me how you get that cute little border on all of your photos.

  3. Great shot — it’s an accomplishment to have four people in a picture and no one crying – who cares what direction you’re looking!

  4. Yay! A family shot! Those are SO hard to get for our family. Glad your mom was able to get this one for you.

  5. Silly kiddies. Isn’t that always the way it goes. It’s a good picture, anyway.

  6. you guys are a great looking family. I’d love to gvet some pics of all three of us, even if we are looking in 3 different directions!

  7. Looks like a great picture and a great place to visit. Here in SA we still have 80 degree weather, we can’t even wear a jacket yet. Thanks for sharing your beautiful family.

  8. so cute, and even looking different directions they are still adorable!

  9. Cute picture, I like how they are perfectly looking in opposing directions!

  10. What a pretty hotel! Bet you had lots of fun. And, that’s a great family portrait. It is hard to get the little ones all looking at the same time!

  11. Great family photo…Don’t the little ones always do that lol

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