Wordless Wednesday – 12/5/07 – Painted sky


  1. Author

    this was the view of the sky from my backyard this evening. :) love those colorful sunsets.
    crunchy domestic goddess

  2. Beautiful evening sky, and from your back yard? What a treat! Happy WW!

  3. I love taking pics of the sky through tree branches.
    Looks like black lace.
    Thanks for sharing

  4. The pastel sky contrasts beautifully with the black silhouette of the tree. Nice photo. Very peaceful

  5. I love this photo…such beautiful colors.
    How nice to be able to look through your window and see that.
    Happy WW!

  6. Loved the photo, it’s so beautiful ;)

  7. Beautiful colors. I enjoy checking out your blog, very interesting articles. You make some clever points in your Seinfeld post – I’m not sure if I buy into it entirely, but good on you for speaking your mind. All the best.

  8. So beautiful! Wow all we have to look out my backyard is a ton of snow.

  9. Beautiful! Nature pictures are always a great choice. ;) I shared some of our snowfall this morning. Have a great day!

  10. That’s an awesome picture! Did you take it yourself? Happy WW :P

  11. Very pretty! I love views from home! Happy WW~

    Come see me too here

  12. So beautiful, thanks for sharing this…it really brightened my evening.

  13. What an amazing shot! Love the color, love the tree silhouette, love everything about it!

  14. Oh, wow, that’s beautiful! I love the lacey look of the tree branches silhouetted against the colourful backdrop of sky!

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