snowIt’s been snowing all day, the current temperature is 18 degrees and feels like 6 degrees and it’s not even dark yet, but we’re planning on taking the kids to watch a holiday parade of lights tonight. Are we crazy? Quite possibly, yes.


  1. Yep, you’re crazy. We were out chopping down a Christmas tree today… BRRRR! Don’t forget to LAYER!

  2. We just had snow 2 days straight and it is gone now…all melted away to almost 50 degree temps today!

    As much as I despise snow, it sounds like fun to see the lights/parade in the snow…it makes it seem more like the holidays!!

    Have a nice time!!

  3. wow…. can’t wait to hear about it. Did you have everyone dressed up in their snowsuits?

  4. We had lots of snow in the last few weeks, too, and its COLD. Ah wintertime! Looks like you had fun there, though. :)

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