Wordless Wednesday – 12/12/07 – A boy and his blocks


  1. Author

    More pix of Julian from our little photoshoot this weekend. :) The blocks got him to sit in one place for a little while.

    Crunchy Domestic Goddess

  2. A boy and his blocks is a very precious sight! Happy WW! :)

  3. He sold me , I want those block. Oh wait it isn’t an ad…he is such a little cutie and he is lovin’ those blocks. Great photos!

  4. Sooo cute! I love little baby feeties. :)

  5. You such a great photographer. I wish I could get such professional shots of my babies on my own. Thanks for sharing and happy WW to you!

  6. Really cute :) You always have the best photos! Hugs! Katja

    Ps. Are you covered in snow? We are!

  7. dang, Amy, your pictures are SO GOOD! These look like studio shots!

  8. He really is very cute. Enjoy him. They grow up so quickly.

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