Best Shot Monday – 12/31/07 – Enjoy the silence

Best Shot Monday – 12/31/07 – Enjoy the silence

This shot is from our recent roadtrip to Kansas and was taken with our new point and shoot camera (that Jody picked out) – the Canon Powershot A720. The kids did really well with all of the driving, but I’m definitely glad that we decided to break up the trip into smaller chunks (about 4 1/2 to 5 hours each day). The times that they both slept were particularly nice for Jody and I to catch up and talk without interruptions. Ahhh. That was nice. :)

Sleepyheads on our trip to Kansas - 12/23/07

The first person to correctly identify the band who the sang the song used in this post title wins! Wins what you ask? Oh, nothing really. But you’ll be a winner! :)

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Best Shot Monday


  1. so adorable. isn’t it crazy how the car just lulls them off into dreamland….

    depeche mode!

  2. oh, and happy new year! (i was so excited about having the answer that i forgot to say that!)

  3. ahhh…sleeping babies! My husband and I have the beat conversations in the car when the kids are sleeping!
    happy New year!

  4. That is so sweet! Sleeping in the car sure makes the trips go faster…I sure miss being able to do that myself!

    And I am terrible at ‘guess who sang this’ but I am super impressed at Phyllis for knowing…yay for her!

  5. Awwwwww! I love those moments! :)

    I went w/ a P&S in the Powershot line too. I get it today. I hope it’s OK! Yours looks like it does the job well :)

  6. i love that kids can sleep in what looks like very uncomfortable positions — great shot!

  7. AWW! I love it when kiddos sleep…ESPECIALLY in the car! They are adorable.

  8. Just want to stop by to wish you Happy new year!!!!!

  9. Perfect capture of one of life’s most perfect moments. So very sweet.

  10. Such a great photo! It’s rare for mine to sleep in the car anymore.

  11. That is so cute…we have car sleepers, too. :)

  12. So sweet. Blessed silence. :o) they look so much alike. Looks like the new PAS is doing well!

  13. Oh how sweet the silence can be! Love that picture!

  14. I have those sweet silence shots – and I too love the time to just sit and talk with my husband without interruptions.

    Happy New Year Mama!

  15. Pat Benatar?! Cindi

  16. My parents only live three hours from us, but I DREAD the car ride because my little M won’t sleep in the car. Not one second…not matter what time we go. She’s up and whining and talking and screeching (she’s two) the ENTIRE time.

    I love the picture and am very envious.

  17. Adorable photo! I am glad you guys like that camera! I just ordered a Canon powershot too! The SD750 Digital Elph! I am so excited to have a tiny camera to carry around again LOL

    I had no idea about the song … lol

    Happy New Year :)

  18. Both at the same time! That is wonderful. Especially on a road trip. Cute.

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