I decided to participate in NoMeatPoWeek, a challenge by the League of Maternal Justice, BlogHersAct Canada, and Green Mom Finds to go without meat for five days (Monday, Jan. 28 through Friday, Feb. 1). Over the years I’ve been an on-again/off-again vegetarian and more recently a flexitarian (meaning I consume far less meat than the average American, but I still eat it), but lately meat has become more of a regular fixture in our meals. I think that in part it has been due to my laziness. Cooking for me goes in waves. One week I’ll be totally gung-ho about cooking and try all newRead More →

Thanks to Julie from ChezArtz for this great tip regarding cleaning front-loading washing machines without using bleach. The manufacturer’s instructions on many front loaders recommend periodically running a “Tub Clean” cycle (i.e. running the washer with no clothes in it) with bleach to keep the drum smelling fresh. Try substituting white vinegar instead and keep a little dioxin out of the environment. I’ve been doing this weekly for two months now (and I wash 2-3 loads of cloth diapers per week) and the tub is just as clean and fresh with vinegar as it was with the weekly wash down with bleach! Julie says sheRead More →