Cross-posted over at BlogHers Act. Obama, Clinton, McCain, Romney, Paul and Huckabee aren’t the only ones hitting the campaign trail this winter. Thanks to a nonpartisan coalition of consumer advocates, The Big Push for Midwives – a campaign of a different variety, but equally as important – is pushing for the regulation and licensure of Certified Professional Midwives (CPMs) in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. According to The Chicago Tribune, “Certified professional midwives, who are lay practitioners specializing in home births, are banned in 26 states… They fall under a different legal classification than certified nurse-midwives, advanced practice nurses whoRead More →

I went to my first ever caucus tonight. However, I did not vote. Life, it seems, is full of surprises. Yesterday I called the Colorado Democratic Party to verify whether or not Jody and I were registered Democrats, because in order to vote in a caucus you must be registered as one party or the other. The woman I talked to told me that I was a dem, but that Jody was unaffiliated. I thought it odd at the time that I would’ve declared a party and not him, but I said OK, excited that I’d be able to participate in the caucus. Fast-forward toRead More →