Cute free shirt? Sign me up!

Cute free shirt? Sign me up!

greenfruitPolly Tod is a new online store with cool baby clothes. They will give you a free t-shirt if you blog about it*. So here I am, plugging this store so I can get my free schwag because their stuff is so cute. ;) Now my biggest problem is deciding which shirt to get for the li’l man.
I’m rather fond of this one – Thinking Green from Day One. But I’m also keen on I love fruit, ‘cuz that boy loves him some fruit! Which do you like?
*Actually, the free shirt offer is closed for now, but I hear they will open it up again in the future, so watch the site for details.


  1. oooh, “thinkin green from day one” is so cute! we just got harper the “i eat my veggies” tee :D

  2. Love the blog and that you are a contributor over at Green Mom Finds!

  3. I like “Thinking Green From Day One.” They have some really cute stuff!

  4. Man I WANT this shirt:
    ModesTod – Heavy Petal Vintage Burnout Tee

    I love this for Delaney. I like the Thinking Green from Day One shirt, too.

    Thanks for the cool site :)

  5. I love the fruit monster for Julian- he would look adorable in it! Let me know (if you can) when they open this up again-I adore their AB/CD shirt, that looks like ACDC- I have seen that before, but didn’t know who makes it. They have great designs!

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