Wordless Wednesday – 2/13/08 – I heart brownies

Wordless Wednesday – 2/13/08 – I heart brownies

Check out the heart that showed up in my first batch of brownies made from scratch. It’s like they knew Valentine’s day was right around the corner (oh, and how much I love brownies too)! :) Seriously, I didn’t alter the brownies or the photo at all. This is how they came out of the oven. Jody declared them “Valentine’s brownies” and I said, “I have to take a picture of that!”

Brownies with heart -2/7/08

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  1. Author

    so i wasn’t entirely wordless this week (oops), but i had to explain the cool heart. :oP

    crunchy domestic goddess

  2. Wow, I think that’s awesome, and so fitting. Man, do I want some nice warm brownies right now…. mmmmmm…

  3. It’s prophetic!! And really really mean because now I want brownies…a lot. :)

  4. I made brownies tonight also! Only my first batch turned out too gooey to send to school (darn high altitude cooking!), so I had to make a second batch!

  5. Love is everywhere…if you only stop to look at it!

  6. The universe gives us little gifts sometimes, eh, if we’re watching for them. Speaking of gifts, I’d like my share of the brownies emailed to the address given above ;+)

  7. Definitely a secular miracle. :) Now I’m hungry for you-know-what!

    Please do stop by and check out my “Bee the Change” campaign–I’m trying to convince Clorox and Burt’s Bees to partner in making waxed paper from beeswax (and not paraffin) and unbleached paper. Sure could use your voice.

    Happy WW.

    Love your blog,

  8. That is actually really cool.

    And now I’m hungry for brownies.

  9. That is the coolest!

    And I agree, now I feel the overwhelming need to make some brownies…

  10. I’m inspired… best photo I’ve seen all morning.

  11. Oh man, that’s just too AWESOME to eat…almost ;o)

  12. That’s so cool! You probably could have sold them on ebay hehe.

    I made brownies a couple days ago. With pureed kidney beans in them. The recipe’s on my blog. They’re sooo yummy.

  13. that looks yummy!..; Mine is here take a peak if you have time..;) Happy Valentines too..;)

  14. wow, that’s pretty cool… and looks yummy, too!

  15. I hope you didn’t eat them yet. You can probably sell it on eBay. I’m sure there are some people out there with a brownie fetish that would be more than willing to pay extra for a pan of brownies with a heart and extra chocolately goodness.

    Sorry, that sounded very American Pie-ish.

  16. Fantastic! Sorry its taken me all day to come by, it’s been a busy one for me. Thanks for the Twit & link! xxoo

  17. What heart? I see the Virgin Mary. Heheh.

    Please feed me a brownie NOW. I am in Denver.

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