Wordless Wednesday – 2/20/08 – 35 years old


  1. Wow, I look scary. What a kisser on that boy though… silly face.

  2. Author

    from jody’s 35th birthday last week. the “cake” is a chocolate-banana bread that i added melted chocolate to the top and some natural sprinkles. :) mmmmm.

  3. Great Wednesday post! I really enjoyed it! Please come check out some cute “Male bonding”

  4. Yum, the cake looks and sounds delicious! Happy WW!

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Fun to celebrate with the kiddos`~

    Happy WW…stop by if you can…

    I have some great contests up right now, too!

  6. Such a sweet photo! Happy Birthday!

  7. I see you are reusing the 3 candle to good effect! ;) LOL! Happy birthday Mr 3…irty-five.

  8. Bah-35 is the new 25. He’s a youngster! lol Happy Birthday Jody!

  9. Good thing there were reinforcements to call upon to blow out the candles. I’m staring down a big birthday myself. I will need some help myself. I doubt it will be a home-baked cake, though.

  10. Happy Birthday Jody! He shares a birth month with some very special people (er, Matt & I, that is!). Ha ha!!!!

    :) Julie

  11. 35-year olds rock!! (Guess I’m a bit biased!)

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