Best Shot Monday – 2/25/08 – Sweetness

Best Shot Monday – 2/25/08 – Sweetness

Ava hasn’t been interested in having her picture taken much lately and I’ve been longing to capture her beautiful brown eyes. This past week she appeased me for a few moments. I played with textures here a bit and got this free one from NinianLif.

Ava - 2/22/08

You can see more “best shots” over at:

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  1. ooh nice. she’s so cute.

    i have been inspired by all the texture pics i’ve seen around lately…i’ll have to get right on trying that…in all my free time while i catch up on my blogreading and work and sleep and all that….

  2. love the angle on this one. the texture is a perfect complement!

  3. Such a beauty…love that sweet little smile. Wonderful texture!

  4. she’s a beautiful wee girl. I like the frame :)

  5. This is such a precious photo. The look on her face is priceless. And her eyes … very pretty ! Great shot and I love what you’ve done through the processing.

  6. Beautiful brown eyes is right. Nice job.

  7. What a sweet sweet photo! I’m curious about this texture trend now. I think I need photoshop though right?

  8. She does have such beautiful brown eyes! What a cutie!

  9. Great work with the texture and with the ey contact! I have such a hard time getting Will to look at me for long enough to snap the photo, too!

  10. love your brown-eyed girl. they are so beautiful! i like the texture, too!

  11. OH, I hate it when they don’t want their picture taken!!! I’m glad you caught this one… and a smile too.

  12. That’s a great shot of her! And I think that the texture really adds to it — fantastic job!

  13. Such a cutie she is! That is a “best shot”. Thanks for sharing.

  14. That’s such a sweet shot! I love her deep brown eyes… they remind me a little of my Will’s eyes.

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