More and more, droughts and the resulting water restrictions are becoming a part of everyday life. Check out this drought map showing the current drought conditions in the United States. It’s rather startling. This week’s green tip may gross some people out, but it’s something we practice in our house at least part of the time and is a great (and easy) way to conserve water. “If it’s yellow, let it mellow – if it’s brown, flush it down.” In other words, if you go #1, don’t flush. If you go #2, flush. Waste Not, Want Less has done some calculations to determine how muchRead More →

It’s Haiku Friday. A first for me on my blog. Thought it looked like fun. And now for the real Haiku… Girl Scout Cookies Oh, Girl Scout Cookies. Peanut butter, chocolate. My favorite treat. Morning, noon and night. I could eat you ’round the clock. And sometimes I do. Oops. Running low now. I must make the cookies last. Rationing them out. But wait! There are more! Sweet treasure in the freezer. Sigh. What a relief. ===================================== I’m so flattered to have been chosen as February’s Mama Blogger of the Month over at Mile High Mamas. Feel free to check out my interview over thereRead More →

BlogHer has unveiled a new topic area: Body Image and is encouraging everyone to write a Letter to Our Body. Hello dear body o’ mine, It’s been a while since we talked so I thought I’d take this opportunity to chat with you for a bit. First of all, thank you for sticking with me all of these years. You’ve done some amazing things over the past 32 years and put up with some crap from me and yet, despite that I don’t often acknowledge your greatness, you keep on keepin’ on. You proved yourself awfully resilient from an early age when you endured threeRead More →

Cross-posted at BlogHer In 2007 FemCare, the Procter & Gamble (P&G) unit that makes Always pads and Tampax tampons, started a program called “Protecting Futures” to donate Always disposable sanitary pads to girls in southern Africa in hopes of keeping African girls in school. In Africa, where adequate menstrual supplies are generally nonexistent, it is not uncommon for girls to use newspapers, rags or camel skin to try contain their period. Rather than risk the embarrassment of bleeding through their clothes, many girls stay home from school during their cycle each month, which can lead to them falling behind in their studies and possibly droppingRead More →