Midwives, home birth proven safe – contrary to ACOG’s false assertion

Today I’m writing over at BlogHer about the recent statement by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists reiterating their stance opposing home birth and Certified Professional Midwives. The ACOG suggests that women are choosing to birth at home because it’s “fashionable” and “trendy” and accuse moms of placing the birth experience over the health of their baby. They say home birth is unsafe and fail to acknowledge rigorous scientific studies (and current practices in other countries) proving the contrary, that midwifery and home birth are safe practices. In other words, instead of being an advocate for women’s health (as they claim they are), they do a nice job of perpetuating FUD – Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt.

The truth is the ACOG is getting nervous because women are talking, thinking and questioning the status quo.

I hope you will head on over to BlogHer to read my thoughts and detailed research on this subject.

Third Blogiversary and BSM – painted sky

Three years ago today I started this blog without any real expectations, just a need for a space to share my thoughts and passions. And that is what I have done, but not without learning a lot about people, human nature and life along the way.

My blog itself has evolved a lot over the years. It started with Blogger as Musings of a Crunchy Domestic Goddess, changed to WordPress and then, after I registered my own domain, it got a groovy blog makeover and a shorter name – Crunchy Domestic Goddess. In three years, I’ve gained many readers, as well as lost some along the way. I’ve participated in blogging carnivals, theme days, contests, and giveaways – even done a few gift guides. I’ve met (virtually, anyway) so many amazing women (and a few men) through blogging. And I’ve learned a great deal about a variety of things – from photography to composting to vegetarian/vegan cooking, from Waldorf education to making butter (a post on that coming soon) to politics, from honesty in blogging to learning you attract more flies with honey than vinegar.

It’s been a fun, interesting and sometimes exhausting ride and I have enjoyed sharing it with you all. I look forward to another year of learning, laughing, sharing and growing together. Before I get too sappy, I just want to say thanks for being here. :)

I know I said I was going to have a giveaway ready for today to celebrate my 3rd blogiversary but time slipped away from me this weekend, between the beautiful and productive day we had on Saturday and Jody’s birthday (brunch with my sis and her beau, making chocolate banana bread and blueberry bread, grocery shopping, making dinner, etc.) on Sunday. So I didn’t get the details ironed out for the giveaway yet, but it will happen soon, probably later this week. Stay tuned.

And now, onto Best Shot Monday…
While I picked up my point & shoot camera often to take a lot of snapshots this week, I didn’t pick up my SLR much except to capture another beautiful sunset out our office/playroom window. We’re fortunate to get such beautiful skies on a regular basis here in CO. This is my best shot for the week.

Sunset in CO - picture taken from my office window - 2/9/08

You can see more from Best Shot Monday participants over at Mother May I.
Best Shot Monday

Support Beauty in Nature – park clean-up & recycling

Member Project Support Beauty in Nature

I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something. And I will not let what I cannot do interfere with what I can do. ~Edward Everett Hale

A few weeks ago, Sarcastic Mom put out a call to action to get others involved in a project to help clean up our neighborhoods, recycle or otherwise spread the word about green living. She called it Project Support Beauty in Nature.

This Saturday was a beautiful sunny (though super windy) day. It was nearly perfect for going outside and getting stuff done. While Jody cleaned out our garage and broke down all of the cardboard boxes we’ve collected over the past several months (we save them up for a while, then take them to our recycling center since our curbside recycling program doesn’t accept cardboard), the kids and I went for a walk to the park to pick up trash along the way.

A cursory glance around the park didn’t indicate there was very much garbage. However when we paid attention to it, we soon discovered a fair amount here and there and it didn’t take long at all for us to fill up the Target bag I brought along as a trash bag.

Julian fell asleep in the stroller, but Ava was a wonderful helper (like always). We found several soda and beer cans, fast food drink cups, plastic bags, and other miscellaneous trash, including 1 glove, a mini-highlighter (that Ava kept for herself), a piece of wood, candy wrappers, and straws.

Ava picking up trash at the park - 2/9/08 Ava picking up trash at the park - 2/9/08

There was a lot more trash down by the stream but I couldn’t maneuver the stroller down there so it will have to wait for another day when I can go back by myself or with just Ava.

Our full trash bag - 2/9/08 Ava and me with our bag full of trash from the park - 2/9/08

We took it home and I sorted through it to recycle the cans and plastic bottles. Then Ava helped daddy load up the last bit of cardboard and dog food bags full of paperboard (cereal and cracker boxes, egg cartons, etc.) into the car.

Ava helping daddy load the cardboard for recycling in the car - 2/9/08 Cardboard, plus two dog food bags full of paperboard, ready to go to the recycling center - 2/9/08

I need to remind myself to take a bag with me whenever we go for walks because invariably there is some trash that needs picking up along the way and I feel a lot better about stuffing it in a bag, than I do in my pockets. :) There’s my green tip – take a trash bag to fill up on your walks. My guess is that you’ll always find at least one thing to pick up.

Here’s another green tip. Even if your community does not have a curbside recycling program (or if you do have one, but it doesn’t include all that you’d like to recycle – like our cardboard/paperboard), there’s a good chance there’s a recycling center somewhere nearby you with more options. Earth 911 is full of useful recycling information and more. You can use their Find a Recycling Center search box to find a center near you.

If you want to get involved in Project Support Beauty in Nature, there is still one more day! Sarcastic Mom is going to put up her big post where everyone can link back to their action posts on Monday, Feb. 11. So get to it and help make the world a little greener. :)

Green Tip of the Week #12 – Breastfeed for the environment

Breastfeed for a healthy baby, mama, worldThis week’s green tip is pretty basic, but something not everybody realizes. Not only is breastfeeding best for baby and mama, it’s also free (no need to buy anything to get started) and best for the environment.

“Breastfeeding is the most environmentally-friendly way to feed a baby. Breast milk is a renewable resource.” Consider all of the cans, bottles, plastic, etc. that you are keeping out of the landfills. Not to mention that there’s “no energy needed to produce plastic bottles and f*rmula milk, no inefficient land use and methane gas produced by cows, and the only energy used is your own.” — Embrace Green Motherhood: Breastfeed

Julian and mamaWhen you are breastfeeding the milk is always right with you, ready to go and at the perfect temperature for baby.

Breastfeeding – good for babies, good for moms and good for the world. It’s a great green thing to do. :)

The Breastfeed for a healthy baby, mama, world shirts are a new design and available at Attached At The Hip in the breastfeeding advocacy section.

Have any green tips you’ve recently learned? Please email them to me and I may include your tip with a link to your site or blog in a future post. :)

Celebratory giveaway in the works

Monday, Feb. 11, is my 3 year blogging anniversary AKA blogiversary. (Can you believe it?! 3 years!) To celebrate, I will be hosting a giveaway right here to be announced that day. Please check back on Monday for details. :)
It’s Jody birthday on Sunday and I still don’t know what we’re going to do to celebrate. Anyone have any ideas on things to do? He’s not giving me any suggestions on how he’d like to spend the day. :oP

Have a great weekend!

Got Twitter? Got spam?

At Jody’s suggestion, I signed up for Twitter today. And then I went on to spam the entire world, or at least that’s what it felt like.

Once you sign up, Twitter gives you the option of finding people from your email address book who are already Twitter’ers. I did that and added a bunch of folks. Cool. All was well and good.

After that it gives you the option of being notified when other people in your address book join Twitter OR SO I THOUGHT, so rather than sift through my address book (i.e. everyone I’ve ever emailed or who’s emailed me), I went ahead and hit “Select All.” But no, that’s not what it does. Not at all. What it does is spams everyone in your address book with an email like this: “amygeekgrl wants to keep up with you on Twitter.”

No matter that I don’t even know who everyone in my address book is (like all of the people I’ve corresponded with about Craigslist or Freecycle items or people at help desks or Yahoo! Groups I belong to, listservs, etc.) or that there are people I haven’t emailed in years or my daughter’s preschool teacher and other preschoolers’ parents. It doesn’t discriminate. Everybody, it seems, is a potential future Twitterer. (Updated to add: I just checked my gmail account – I have 1271 contacts. Eek-gads! Perhaps it’s time to actually go through those and weed out everyone I don’t know.)

I’m truly mortified.

I got a few emails back from people I don’t know like this one:
“hey what is twitter?”

and this:
“I have no idea who you are but do not send me spam. Thank you.”

I should consider myself lucky they haven’t been any worse, but there’s still time. ;)

I’ve thought about sending another spam out to the masses to say “I’m sorry,” but I figure I will leave well enough alone. I’m just responding to the emails (and apologizing profusely) on a case-by-case basis. I hope most people just disregard it as spam and go about their merry way.

I do want to say here that I’m so so sorry to everyone I inadvertently spammed. It was never my intention.

And now I will go put myself in timeout. I obviously shouldn’t be allowed to spend any more time on the Internet.

(But if you are on Twitter and you didn’t get spammed by me and you want to be my friend or whatever it’s called over there, look me up! I’m amygeekgrl AKA super big dork!) ;)