Polly Tod is a new online store with cool baby clothes. They will give you a free t-shirt if you blog about it*. So here I am, plugging this store so I can get my free schwag because their stuff is so cute. ;) Now my biggest problem is deciding which shirt to get for the li’l man. I’m rather fond of this one – Thinking Green from Day One. But I’m also keen on I love fruit, ‘cuz that boy loves him some fruit! Which do you like? *Actually, the free shirt offer is closed for now, but I hear they will open itRead More →

Cross-posted over at BlogHers Act. Obama, Clinton, McCain, Romney, Paul and Huckabee aren’t the only ones hitting the campaign trail this winter. Thanks to a nonpartisan coalition of consumer advocates, The Big Push for Midwives – a campaign of a different variety, but equally as important – is pushing for the regulation and licensure of Certified Professional Midwives (CPMs) in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. According to The Chicago Tribune, “Certified professional midwives, who are lay practitioners specializing in home births, are banned in 26 states… They fall under a different legal classification than certified nurse-midwives, advanced practice nurses whoRead More →

I went to my first ever caucus tonight. However, I did not vote. Life, it seems, is full of surprises. Yesterday I called the Colorado Democratic Party to verify whether or not Jody and I were registered Democrats, because in order to vote in a caucus you must be registered as one party or the other. The woman I talked to told me that I was a dem, but that Jody was unaffiliated. I thought it odd at the time that I would’ve declared a party and not him, but I said OK, excited that I’d be able to participate in the caucus. Fast-forward toRead More →

Tomorrow is Super Tuesday, when 24 states will vote in presidential primaries and caucuses. A couple of weeks ago I honestly had no idea what Super Tuesday was. I’ve been pretty apathetic about anything and everything political over the past several years. However, I spent the past few days reading up on the election and the candidates (thank you, BlogHer!) and, I may sound like a dreamer, but now I feel hopeful. Tomorrow I just might participate in my first caucus. America needs a change. America needs hope. America needs a leader who will inspire them. I feel like Barack Obama just might be theRead More →

Who’s that monkey climbing on the couch? Pics taken from our loft, looking down on the living room. Julian was all over that couch on Sunday – climbing on the cushions, climbing on the arms, falling off the arms. Such fun! Also, is it just me or does it look like he’s sprouting little devil horns in these pics – especially in the second one? I know, I know, not my little angel. ;) You can see more from Best Shot Monday participants over at Mother May I.Read More →

I decided to participate in NoMeatPoWeek, a challenge by the League of Maternal Justice, BlogHersAct Canada, and Green Mom Finds to go without meat for five days (Monday, Jan. 28 through Friday, Feb. 1). Over the years I’ve been an on-again/off-again vegetarian and more recently a flexitarian (meaning I consume far less meat than the average American, but I still eat it), but lately meat has become more of a regular fixture in our meals. I think that in part it has been due to my laziness. Cooking for me goes in waves. One week I’ll be totally gung-ho about cooking and try all newRead More →