Best Shot Monday – 3/3/08 – Soup goatee

Best Shot Monday – 3/3/08 – Soup goatee

Julian LOVES his pumpkin and black bean soup. Can ya tell he fed himself? ;)

Julian’s soup goatee - 2/29/08
Taken with the point & shoot.

I’m not feeling too wordy today. Have this wicked cold/flu thing going on. I’m blaming the dramatic change in weather – 70s and sunny on Saturday, 30s and snow on Sunday. Jody bought a Neti pot this weekend and I may have to give it a go myself. I need to do something so I can breathe. ::whine::

Check back here on Tuesday. I’ve got an upcoming review and giveaway that all of you greenies or green-wannabes are going to love. :)

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  1. I’m sorry you’re sick! That’s miserable. Feel better SOON!!

    Oh – and Julian is adorable. I love his eyes in this shot!

  2. the eyes and the pumpkin are perfect color contrasts — did he plan that :)?

  3. The Neti pot will defiantly work! I got one for myself and ended up getting Daniel one too, he has totally stopped snoring. I like to say the neti pot saved our marriage :) Because being pregnant and not getting sleep anyway add a horrible snoring next to ya… I was feeling like I might rip someones head off, LOL!
    I made a post a while back about the neti…

  4. Oh man … I love those messy face photos ! He sure did a good job ! Did any of the food make it into his belly ??

  5. his little eyes just tell a story. so sweet. I’ll be back for the greenie giveaway…

    feel better!!!
    My BSM
    open door

  6. So cute! I hope you’re feeling better soon…we’re bulking up on the anti-oxidants since we’ve had a similar shift in temps (not as nice as yours tho!).

  7. Eew. And was it all in the nose, too? Man, those eyes, though. Hope you’re feeling better soon.

  8. Feel better – that is a great shot of your little man! Is that homemade soup he’s eating – sounds delicious?

  9. What a lovely picture, makes me want some nummy black bean and pumpkin.
    I am sorry you are unwell, it seems to be going around.

  10. Looks like he really enjoys that soup…cute!

  11. OH, I’m in love with that photo – his eyes are gorgeous and the dinner looks delicious :-)

  12. Neti pots rule. I use mine all the time. Takes forEVER to get used to it, though.

  13. I was just reading about neti pots today. Wow, what a coincidence.

  14. Hehe, cute! Pumppkin & black bean – sounds good! Hope you feel better soon. Weather’s wacky here, too – SNOW in the forecast, in Texas in March. whew.

  15. His eyes just shine in that shot. So cute.

  16. Amy, What a CUTE picture! Could you include a recipe for this soup? It sounds great! Thanks.

  17. Great blue eyes with a splash of pumpkin! Feel better soon!

  18. Hope you’re on the mend! I love the shot of Julian – he sure does look like he enjoyed that soup!

  19. He’s having a pumpkin and bb face mask as well as his dinner.

    What is a Neti pot?

  20. How cute he is!! Great shot. I love it.

  21. oh that is just too precious! fun to clean up too, i bet. ;)

  22. His eyes are gorgeous! What a cute photo!

  23. I used the neti faithfully from May-September and had almost no allergy problem. Then, I slacked in the fall and winter and am currently paying the price having to make an international move with a horrible head cold/sinus infection. It is taking 5-10 minutes to get through and is just providing temporary relief right now. I am going to do it everyday from now on and hope to prevent future problems.

  24. There’s some nose stuff called Xlear that works really well for me. Stings a little bit, but it totally works. They have it at our Whole Foods…

  25. Cute photo! I’m sorry you are under the weather :( I love my Neti Pot, for what it’s worth. It can take a little getting used to, but there is NOTHING like nice clean breathable nasal passages! I use mine whenever I feel like I’m feeling something coming on. Good luck!! Take some garlic, Vit C and echinacea – that can help :)

  26. do you have a recipe for that soup? my daughter loves loves loves black beans and this would mix it up a bit :)

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