Wordless Wednesday – 3/12/08 – Sad, but true

Wordless Wednesday – 3/12/08 – Sad, but true

Wrong on the Internet
From xkcd

And now for a few words making this a not-so-wordless Wednesday. I realize I haven’t had much in the way of substance on my blog so far this week, but I’ve been enjoying the warmer temps (66 degrees here today) and trying to live more in the moment with my kids. I’m still working on finding that perfect balance between being mommy, working, and blogging. I haven’t figured it out yet. If you have, please clue me in. :)

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  1. Author

    My husband Jody sent this to me a few weeks ago and I had to LOL. That’s so me. :oP

    Crunchy Domestic Goddess

  2. eek, totally sad but true, lol!!

    i have been spending lots of time with my kiddos outside too. mmm, 65 degrees, that sounds GREAT! hopefully we will have some of the same here in idaho very soon!

  3. The follow-up comic to this is the wife staring at her husband covered in cobwebs and her friends asking her how long he’s been sitting there.

    HAHAHAHAHA!! too funny.

    Happy WW!

  4. Hee hee hee, I read xkcd every week. That is such a great one we sent it around to friends.

    Hee hee

  5. So, if someone finds the answer to that life/balance thing, you’ll share, right? ;o)

  6. ha ha! I think that is a direct quote from my house! Stop spying on me :)

  7. :D To funny!!

    I have no insight for you! I either feel like I’m a good mommy and stink at everything else, or I’m on top of everything else and blowing the kids off. It’s a tough balance!!

  8. That is a good cartoon. Even this week I’ve had to tell myself to just ignore something on the internet and go do something important.

    Wish I had some info for you on the life-blog-work balance, but your goals with your blog are very different from mine. I’m feeling much better since working on my life-blog balance.

    One idea is try looking for a mother’s helper this summer to take the kids out to play while you work.

  9. wait, there’s supposed to be a balance????

    just kidding…it is very hard. i find that i can balance the mommy, work, and blog thing if i forego sleep….yeah, that doesn’t cut it either. just a lot of juggling i think.

    i think the key is to self-assess on a regular basis. am i happy with my life? what do i need/want/wish i was doing?

    ah…the eternal quest for balance…

  10. My husband sent this to me the other day. I got a good laugh out of it and then realized I really just need to take my laptop to bed with me…why sit at the kitchen table when I could respond in bed! ;)

    Happy WW! I think I’ll be back to read your blog more often — looks like you have some excellent content!

  11. LOL! That is totally me, and (un)fortunately my friends are the same. LOL!

    Oh, and the balance… been trying to find it myself since I returned to work in October. If you figure it out first, please send me an email!

  12. So very funny!

    Please come see my post. It’s not your typical WW day at “Live from Waterloo”! :-)

  13. That is just brilliant! I can so relate to that comic, it’s just scary!

  14. Sadly, that cartoon is me far too often. LOL

  15. Too true too true.
    I have not found the balance either.
    The Internet is my escape and I use it too often. We have been enjoying the great outdoors more too though! Which is much much fun.

  16. Please clue me in, too! After 8 years (I didn’t start trying to do “more” until my oldest was 1 yo), I still haven’t figured it out and don’t see the balance point in sight. :D

  17. I guess we are all looking for balance. Are you following the blog Zen Habits? Recently he was talking about achieving one’s personal goals. I was impressed with his advice to actually WRITE DOWN your 4 or 5 most important personal goals (his example from his own life is being with his family, writing, reading and running) and gradually eliminating, or at least reducing, everything else, or – as he puts it – the non-essential stuff.

    So I guess the question is, how important writing is to us. And if “being with my family” is higher on the list than “writing”, then it’s perfectly OK to make it a priority, spend more time with the family and write less.

  18. When you figure out balance, do let me know! Working, house tending and kid tending is enough…we eat out TOO much!

  19. Yeah – am I able to leave a comment? I’ve only tried every day this week!

    The picture is so on it, that’s what it is here too. Or how ’bout in the middle of a good movie “I forgot to write this” …. I can also burn boiled water, eggs, noodles or soup, while “I quickly” leave the kitchen to do something highly important on my computer.

    Thanks for a smile :)

  20. funny amymommy!

    i saw another funny one that showed a couple in their living room + the man was at his computer, but facing the woman + saying, “do i have to remind you, i have a large internet following?”

  21. Mine would probably read:

    “are you coming to bed?”

    “Not yet”

    “are you making us millions?”

    “yes, honey. i’m going to be your sugar mama.”


    nell @ casualfridayeveryday

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