Wordless Wednesday – 3/26/08 – Isn’t this how YOU eat YOUR O’s?

Wordless Wednesday – 3/26/08 – Isn’t this how YOU eat YOUR O’s?

Naked and off the top of the train table? ;)
Julian eating O’s off the train table - 3/8/08 Sticky li’l things - 3/8/08

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  1. Boys! lol Hey you should enter in my puzzle giveaway it’s under the contest link on my blog. Your little man would love it!

  2. if I was that cute.. sure!!!
    what an adorable little cherub.

  3. LOL – very cute and funny – would you believe one of my little twins was doing just this yesterday morning (not the nekkid bit or the train table but off the table and even off licking off the floor last week)
    but my camera had no charge LOL

    My WW is up
    My Little Drummer boys

  4. Adorable. Kids know how to live. They help us recover the magic. By the way – thanks for reminding me about that 1 hour of lights off. I have that saved to share but I would have forgotten.

  5. LOL! Saves having to pick the pesky things up eh?

  6. oddly
    my 18 year old was eating jelly beans like that on Sunday – laughed when he could get one up his nose instead of in his mouth.
    so glad i raised a productive person

  7. LOL, can’t say that I ever have eaten them that way – but he’s looking like he enjoys them! :)

    Too cute!

  8. HehHehHeh. Priceless. This week, my tot has been spearing each O individually with a play thermometer. If I only had half that creativity…

  9. Don’t you just love their obsession with nudity? My kids would be naked all the time if I didn’t put just a few rules around it!

    What a cutie Mr Julian is–and how creative too!

    My WW post is online here: http://chezartz.com/?p=221

    :) Julie

  10. That absolutely cracks me up! Glad you had your camera handy because that is one photo you didn’t want to miss!

  11. OMG! These are the funniest pictures!!

  12. lmao….that is priceless!

    I must show Master4, he’ll be very impressed with the technique displayed… 10 out of 10 for style, and no clothes to wash afterwards ;)

  13. Oh my gosh, he is so cute! And not only that, but he’s saved you having to wash some bowls. Hee!

  14. Doesn’t everybody eat their O’s that way? :)

    (PS: I absolutely LOVE the tshirt slogan!)

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