Let’s go fly a kite (BSM -3/31/08)

Saturday was a gorgeous day, sunny and warm with just enough wind for flying a kite. Jody bought a kite for Ava several weeks ago and she’d been excited to give it a try. Her excitement grew after she received the Mary Poppins DVD for Easter. So on Saturday we went to the park and flew that kite, up to the highest height. ;) It was a good thing we took advantage of the nice spring-like weather on Saturday, because we woke up to snow on Sunday!

Here are a few pics of Ava, the kite-flyer. :)

Wow! It’s flying! 3/29/08 Ava holds on tight to her kite string - 3/29/08 Ut oh! It’s heading for a tree! 3/29/08

As for my “best shot,” I’m having a hard time choosing between these two. Which do you prefer?

The kite flying high - 3/29/08

Ava flying her kite - 3/29/08

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28 thoughts on “Let’s go fly a kite (BSM -3/31/08)”

  1. Oh nice!
    Hmm… as much as I think Ava is the cutest, I do like the kite in the sky picture better. ;) It’s more arty I think.

  2. I’m with Penny, but my! does Ava look cute and SO grown up…especially in the first color picture!

  3. I like the kite, only because it looks so unique and out of the ordinary. Not that Ava isn’t, but that shot almost looks like a real parrot up there. :-) Nice work.

  4. The colors and angles in the kite picture are fabulous, so I pick that one. But Ava sure does look like she’s having fun.

  5. Ava is a doll in that outfit and the hat – how adorable!
    I love the kite shot with those vibrant colors against the sky. Great shots!

  6. How fun to fly a kite on a lovely Saturday afternoon?! What great shots…like everyone else, I couldn’t possibly pick between them. To me, they are both good for different reasons- Ava’s shot because it is real, adorable, and tells the story so well. The kite in the clouds because it is SO amazing…what a CLEAR BLUE sky and such a colorful kite that you do not expect to see there. Both GREAT shots!

  7. I love the expression on her face in the third the best, and I also like the one of the kite. Very colorful, and pretty!

  8. Great photos! I’m glad someone is enjoying all this wind we’ve been having instead of being annoyed by it (like I seem to be!)

    ;) Julie

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