Keep Home Birth Legal Petition

If you disagree with the AMA and AGOG’s proposed legislation to outlaw home birth and support a woman’s right to choose, please sign the Keep Home Birth Legal petition and pass it on.

Edited to add: One woman put her response to the AMA and ACOG in a song. Take a listen.


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11 thoughts on “Keep Home Birth Legal Petition

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  2. Ah, you beat me to it! Everything seems to happen in slow mo with the little guy around.

    Anyway, going to sign now!

  3. I signed it and I would like to share your post on my blog and with my friends, to spread the word. I have not heard of this legislation until now. This is an outrage! Government has no right to be involved in this basic human right of a mother to choose where and how she gives birth.

  4. I’ve never given much thought to home birth because I wouldn’t choose that method. I do however firmly believe in a Women’s Right to Choice, so I will sign it.

  5. I stumbled and signed! Can I use your badge on my blogs? I plan on spreading the word about this, too. Women need to keep their rights and this is just ridiculous!

  6. I can’t believe that people think they can control a woman’s birth experience like this. I wonder if they will travel to areas of the world that traditionally have “home” births and tell them how unlawful and wrong they are. This is the most ridiculous law ever. I will definitely sign this petition!

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