Looking up (Wordless Wednesday 7/23/08)


  1. Very lovely picture. Thank you for sharing

  2. Great shot – so vivid and so sharp. Nice bokeh too.

  3. what a beautiful shot of a sunflower – the light is hitting it just right to show off the radiant colors

  4. Very nice use of depth of field and nice color.

  5. Perty flower! I love it – Happy WW :)

  6. What a beautiful shot — so bright and cheery!

  7. Beautiful! I can’t help but smile when I see a sunflower.

    Happy WW!

  8. Did you take this picture yourself? It’s wonderful!

  9. Oh, yay, you posted them! When you said you had pics of your sunflowers yesterday on Twitter I got excited. Whenever I see sunflowers, I know my dog Bismarck, who passed away last year, is saying “hi” to me. Those are “our” flowers. He has had them pop up over the past year often, just for me. ;-)


  10. Beautiful! Don’t you love it when there’s the perfect flower photo opportunities right in your own backyard??

  11. I love the bright yellow of sunflower. Sunflower always cheers me up :)

  12. Just looking at this this morning made me feel much calmer! Love that! Great shot!

  13. I just love this shot…so crisp, clear, and sunny!!

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