What a difference a year makes – Preschool, year 2

What a difference a year makes – Preschool, year 2

This past week Ava began her second year attending Waldorf preschool. I still don’t know where we’re going to send her for kindergarten next year, but we were so pleased with the Waldorf-inspired in-home preschool we found (thanks to some friends) last year, we decided to continue with it this year. In comparing pictures from the two years, it was amazing to me to see how much Ava has grown and changed. Oh, and Julian too!

2007:                                              2008:
Ava’s first day of preschool 2007 - Age 3 Ava’s first day of preschool 2007 - Age 3Ava’s first day of preschool 2008 - Age 4 Ava, age 4
Ava took a caterpillar she had made the day before as a gift for her teacher.

Julian didn’t accompany us to drop Ava off on her first day this year, but he and I walked to pick her up after school (something I hope to keep up with regularly, walking, that is), so I took some pics of the two of them after we arrived back home.
2007:                  2008:
Ava’s first day of preschool 2007 - Ava, 3; Julian 9 months Ava’s first day of preschool 2008 - Ava, age 4; Julian, 21 months
Ava, age 4; Julian, age 21 months

I think my pick for My Best Shot is the last picture of Ava and Jules together. See what everyone else’s best shots were over at Mother May I.


  1. What cuties! And, such a grown up Ava :-) Happy new school year!!!

  2. Great shots – it really amazing to see the differences as they grow up. I am constantly amazed as I’ve looked at what is now my 10 year old over the years.

  3. They are so cute together! It does sound like a cool place to send her to school, too.

  4. Kindergarten next year, already!? WOW!

    Cute kids, Amy!!

  5. wow – isn’t it amazing to look back? she looks so much more sure of herself this year. good for you, mama!!!

  6. WOW! What differnce a year does make! What a lovely tradition :)
    Happy Monday

  7. awww she looks so grown up!!!!! I am glad you found such an amazing place for her to attend!

  8. Its amazing how 1 year at this age is such a big change. I agree, the last shot is the cutest one of the bunch. So sweet.

  9. What a difference a year makes is right! They both look so grown up in that last shot — and so CUTE!

  10. Great pictures! I am not sure where Sam will go for Kindergarten, either. So few choices. So little time.

  11. Oh Amy they are so cute and grown up looking!!! :)

  12. indeed! a year makes quite a difference! these are precious.

  13. oh yes – they’ve both grown but still cute :)

  14. oh my goodness, they are absolutely adorable!!!!!!

  15. WOW. She has grown so much! No baby left in her. :)

    Love the picture of the two of them. So sweet.

  16. Great shots and my big girl does look so grown up! Loved the last one of Ava and Julian together-great of both of them.

  17. So amazing how they grow and change. Will just started his second year at his Waldorf preschool as well. SIGH. They grow too fast!

  18. They look so happy – and so grown up! Best of luck to everyone this school year :)

  19. OMG Amy I can’t believe how big the kids are!!! They are both sooo cute!!

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