Swing high, swing low

Swing high, swing low

My sister, who recently moved out of her rented house into an apartment, brought us the tire swing that she had had set up for the kids at her old house. We took down the baby swing in the backyard and put this bad boy up in it’s place. Ava and Julian like it – just a little bit. ;oP

Julian on the tire swing 9/9/08 Ava on the tire swing 9/9/08

See what everyone else up to for Best Shot Monday.


  1. That ROCKS!!! I so remember tire swings that is so cool!! Your kids are too lucky!!

  2. Looks like they will have a great time with that! I love tire swings too. I want one (for ME) but we don’t have anywhere to hang it.

  3. Too fun! And, ahem, that Twit about maybe wanting one more? I say go for it. Maybe there are 5 trees in your banner for a reason??? (tee hee)

  4. Too cute! I love Ava’s expression. Ah, to be a kid again.

  5. What fun! I love the expression on Ava’s face!

  6. I always wanted a tire swing when I was little — heck, I still want one now! That is too cute with the two of them swinging together!

  7. looks like they’re having a ball! Great shots.

  8. I have so many great memories on our tireswing growing up…they will LOVE it for years to come!

  9. Something fun and new to keep them happy. Thats great. You caught great expressions on both of them!

  10. Way Cool! Love the second shot! I want one. For me, not for my child. For me! LOL!

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