Organic skin care & cosmetics from Miessence – review & giveaway

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When I was first introduced to the Skin Deep: Cosmetic Safety Database, I was reluctant to do a search for the products I was currently using. I had a feeling the results would be bad news and, while I’m not usually one to turn a blind eye, I just didn’t want to think about it right then. Eventually, however, I came around, especially when my daughter Ava wanted to start playing with my makeup too. If I wasn’t going to be concerned about the safety of my cosmetics for my own health, I was going to be for the sake of my daughter.

As I looked up my products, I was disappointed, though not surprised to see several fell into the “moderate hazard” category, and a couple (like my mascara) fell into the “high hazard” category. Although I wasn’t letting Ava experiment with mascara, it still made me feel icky to think of the toxins I was applying to my eyelashes on a regular basis.

When Erin Ely from Ely Organics, distributor for Miessence Certified Organic products, asked if I wanted to try out some samples, I was more than excited.

Jaffa lip balmFirst of all, I love that Miessence products are certified organic and are grown and processed without the use of synthetic chemicals, fertilizers, or genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Many of the ingredients sound like things you could eat. Like the Jaffa Lip Balm (which goes on soooo smooth and you’ll have a chance to win below), contains things like sunflower and avocado oils, fruit butter and rosemary leaf extract. With ingredients like these, it makes you feel like it’s more than OK to lick your lips!

I also tried the Mascara and was no longer using a product that scored in the “high hazard” category, but in the “low hazard” category. That made me feel a lot better about applying mascara. In fact, all of the Miessence products score in the low hazard category on Skin Deep!

Some of my personal favorites were the Moisturizer and the Balancing Skin Care Set (which you will have a chance to win below). And although I didn’t get a chance to try them, I also like that they have a full line of Baby Care products.

Overall I am very pleased with Miessence products. They are skin care products and cosmetics you can feel safe and good about using, even when your 3- or 4-year-old wants to try them out! :)


shampooSkin careYou can win a “Miessence Sample Kit” from Ely Organics which will include:

Retail Value is: $65

All you need to do to for a chance to win is leave a comment below letting me know which Miessence product you would like to try. You aren’t required to post about it or Twitter it, but if you do either, I’d be most appreciative. :) (Be sure you to let me know in the comments if you do either post or Tweet it so I can be sure and send you a pony, or at least a virtual hug.) The deadline to enter is midnight Sunday, Oct. 19. The winner will be selected using and contacted via email on Oct. 20. Please make sure you include a valid e-mail address. Thanks and good luck!

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71 thoughts on “Organic skin care & cosmetics from Miessence – review & giveaway”

  1. I would absolutely love to try ANY of these products. As someone who has been eager to try organic makeup products just fearful of trying it only to be disappointed with having spent the money, trying a sample would be fantastic!

  2. I’d like to try the Sunflower Body Wash and the Balancing Moisturizer. I’m constantly looking for a body wash without sodium laurel sulfate that I actually like. Not a lot of luck so far. I’m always surprised and shocked when I check the EWG cosmetic database site. I’m gradually trying to phase out my old, “scary” stuff for organic as I run out and as I find new things to try. This company looks great. Thanks for the link.

    I’ll give a tweet for you! I’ll be waiting for my pony…

  3. I’d love the nourishing hand cream — between my kids and work I wash my hands about 49 times a day, and I can feel the dry winter air coming already!!!

  4. I would love to try all of it—-but the toothpaste in particular I am curious about. I am trying to be much more natural and organic lately.
    Thanks so much!

  5. Excellent products and they are all natural love the site. I like the Garnet Exfoliant (normal skin).

  6. Amy,

    I’d love to try the skin care set especially the shampoo and conditioner. I’ve tried other organic brands but have not found the perfect shampoo/conditioner yet. Thanks for the opportunity to win healthy products!

  7. Hi I’m currently researching – for my own use and safety – different organic skin lines. I tried Tata Harper. Not so sure about it. I read review of Miessence. Want to know if you’ve tried Terressentials. It also gets good ratings on Skin Deep. Do you like??

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