What to do with all those leaves!

What to do with all those leaves!

dryleaves.jpgThis week I wrote over at 5 Minutes For Going Green about all the brown material you’ll ever need for your compost bin. Check it out and then keep it in mind this weekend when you are raking and bagging leaves, which is something I’m sure to be doing since our trees have dumped a ton in the past week!

Though since the weather is going to be awesome, and Jody will be back home (hallelujah) after 6 days in California, you might catch me and the fam at a pumpkin patch too. :) Have a great weekend.


  1. Don’t forget to add some green matter or nitrogen rich items (like bone meal or urine) to help all that brown filler break down :)

  2. Oh no – that time of year again. I get an old sheet and lay it out to rake all the leaves into it in a one time go. It really works on taking down the work load.

  3. We just started filling our big orange pumpkin bags this week. (We save the bags every year, by the way!)

    The leaves are slow to fall here b/c of the drought.

  4. Oh we never bag our leaves we mulch it with the lawn mower then use it at the bottom of our trees to help them stay warmer in the winter.

  5. We’ll be mowing over them to shred them and adding that fantastic brown matter to our compost bin — it needs it!! Great post!

  6. I miss Fall leaves! I need to go somewhere where “Fall” actually means something falls!

  7. We just started raking our leaves today. My little Linus yelled, “Charge!” and discovered that he should “. . .never jump in a pile of leaves with a wet sucker!”


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