Her first tattoo

Her first tattoo

Ava with her first tattoo 10/26/08 “Brock Obama!”

And because I have a hard time going entirely wordless I have to add that she was flashing her Obama tummy at shoppers in line at the grocery store this weekend. I could never get away with that myself, but my 4-year-old sure can. ;)

Oh, and yes, it’s only temporary.

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  1. Roo asked if she could put my Obama pin on her jacket so she could wear it to school tomorrow. So proud…

  2. OK, that is just too darned adorable! I’ll bet she charmed everyone at the grocery store. What a cutie! And she has good taste in tattoos!

  3. How cute :-) (I saw the title from another website, though, and sure was startled until I read the post!)

  4. so cute.. she really likes it.. As always my Wordless Wednesday is in Sequence be sure to visit all to see the relation between the 3 entries my

    sweet, here is the pretty and here is the naughty

  5. Now, how cute is that! :D

    Mine’s up HERE and HERE. Hope to see you there! Happy Wordless Wednesday!

  6. She looks really happy about it! She’s so proud showing it off to the camera. :)

    Happy WW!

  7. Ahh, how cute. My daughter got her first real tattoo this past summer. The story is on my blog under ‘my kids tattoo’ if you are interested. lol.

  8. Nice work little girlfriend :). Happy WW.

  9. Cool! And also cool that yours is the third Obama-related WW post I’ve clicked on already today – I am starting to feel ever more hopeful about next week!

  10. OMG, what a little cutie pie!

  11. Lol so cute!!! 6 more days before we can Barack the vote!!!!!

  12. Way to get out the vote and canvas with cuteness. I was going to make calls this weekend, but your idea is better. :)

  13. I’m wearing an Obama logo on my wrist right now. The McCain supporters in the office are giving me crap for it. ha!

  14. What? It’s not permanent? What kind of mother are you? LOL!

  15. How funny, both my kids have Halloween tats on their tummies. I took a cute pic yesterday of them sitting on the couch with their shirts up.

  16. She definitely looks way cuter than I would doing that!

    Anyone can have a campaign button. She has a campaign bellybutton! :-)

  17. Hilarious! I can’t believe you’ve gone over 4 years without temp. tattoos! They are a part of life around here. I think Colin has 3 right now.

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