Motrin’s new ad attacks babywearing, insults moms

Have you seen the new online Motrin ad? You know, the one where they attack babywearing and insult moms in an effort to sell their drugs? Watch it here (at least until they take it down) or it’s also on YouTube.

Motrin, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?? Oh yeah, you weren’t.

Thanks to Barb for typing out the video verbatim:

In case they pull the ad from their front page by the time you’re reading this (I sure hope they trash the entire campaign, and fast), I’m quoting the little video on their website front page, which they call a “Mom-versation“. The phrases in bold are my emphasis, though they have even better emphasis in the graphics in their ad.

Wearing your baby seems to be in fashion.

I mean, in theory it’s a great idea.

There’s the front baby carrier, sling, schwing, wrap, pouch.

And who knows what else they’ve come up with. Wear your baby on your side, your front, go hands free.

Supposedly, it’s a real bonding experience.

They say that babies carried close to the bod tend to cry less than others.

But what about me? Do moms that wear their babies cry more than those who don’t?

I sure do!

These things put a ton of strain on your back, your neck, your shoulders. Did I mention your back?!

I mean, I’ll put up with the pain because it’s a good kind of pain; it’s for my kid.

Plus, it totally makes me look like an official mom.

And so if I look tired and crazy, people will understand why.

Here’s the response I just emailed them:

Motrin’s new ad campaign targeting babywearing is offensive, disrespectful and wrong on so many levels. If a mom is experiencing significant pain from wearing her baby, then she needs to adjust her carrier/sling or try another one. Babywearing has so many proven benefits to both mom and baby and women have been wearing babies since the beginning of time. Stop disrespecting us moms, Motrin. Unlike our babies, we weren’t born yesterday and we will take our $ elsewhere.

Me with Julian (2 wks old) in the MobyPersonally, I LOVED wearing my kids. My favorite carrier was the Ergo, though I also really liked the Moby Wrap. I loved having them close and safe, especially out in crowds and when I wanted to be able to get around easily without lugging a stroller. Oh yeah and there was the time I was able to nurse my son hands-free while he was in the Moby and we were out for a walk in the middle of winter without taking him out into the cold. That was pretty cool. :)

Does the Motrin ad bother you? Let Motrin know what you think. Contact Motrin and then feel free to boycott them (Johnson & Johnson owns both Motrin and Tylenol). I happen to go through a lot of Ibuprofen because I get migraines on a regular basis, but I use generic Ibuprofen and it works just fine and is cheaper too!

Edited to add:
If you weren’t on Twitter Saturday night, you missed the onslaught of comments about the Motrin ad, but Katja Presnal at Ladybug Landings summed it up nicely in the video she made including many of the Tweets in response to Motrin: Motrin Makes Moms Mad. There are even a few pics of me wearing Julian in there, and one of Ava wearing her baby doll. :) (Ava was soo happy to be included in the video. Thanks, Katja!)

Also, please check out my follow-up post: We’ve blogged and tweeted the Motrin ad. What can moms do next?
And lastly, Motrin responds and removes online ad: Motrin’s email response to the onslaught of complaints over the babywearing ad

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72 thoughts on “Motrin’s new ad attacks babywearing, insults moms”

  1. The ad isn’t very good, but I don’t really get why this is upsetting to so many of you.

    I wore my kid. It often hurt. But so what? Do you think people won’t wear their kid because of this?

    Actually, it’d be funnier if it were more absurd/mean, but they totally softened it as the end.

    I just feel like I don’t get the anger at all.

  2. I don’t know what all the fuss is. I tried to use a snuggly and it hurt. Also it was very hot and messy. My back hurt all the time and with my milk in it was painful having the baby against me all the time. The Motrin ad didn’t not say “stop wearing your baby”

    There are a lot of other more important problems to worry about.

  3. wow.
    heated debate, huh?
    i can see it from both sides.
    for one…
    i LOVED wearing my girls. and if you have the RIGHT carrier…it doesn’t hurt. this is a dumb excuse for a commercial! in all honesty…my kid crying and NOT in a carrier…gives me more of a headache. and it’s SO not a fashion statement! yep…that’s exactly why i had kids. to wear them. ’cause it looks so cool.
    on the other hand. there are so many pressing issues in the world. we can take offense…but then we must make it known. and i can see that plenty of people are letting the company know.
    and quite honestly…i think that’s the most powerful and uplifting part of this debate. that women are taking a stand.

  4. Wow. Did you tampon get stuck? What in the name of God is wrong with you? You’re acting like a menopausal stereotype. Get over it and you’ll be a lot happier.


  5. OMG! This ad makes it sound as though someone would wear a baby as a fashion statement, not for the good of child and mother. What’s next, Motrin for the pain and inconvience of breast feeding? Get a grip Motrin! Thank goodness the ad is gone. Even the link to email them doesnt work – nice job everyone.

  6. I fixed them, I hit makers of Motrin where it HURTS THEM :) I TAKE a better alternative, a natural alternative pain killer and it WORKS ! It’s also better for ME!!

    I will offer a free bottle in a giveaway shortly watch my blog for that!

  7. I can see where it could be seen as offensive though I really don’t see it as an attack on babywearing. But mainly I can relate to the ad. As a mom I am constantly putting my child above myself and that sometimes means that I am in pain, or hungry, or dirty. And I can also relate to the idea of doing something because we feel that we are supposed to- I hate the way moms judge other moms.

  8. “OMG! This ad makes it sound as though someone would wear a baby as a fashion statement, not for the good of child and mother.”

    Babywearing has become more fashionable, compared to 10, 20, 30 years ago. Why is that so controversial? Many mainstream parents are trying it, because they perceive it as the hot new thing. What was wrong with Motrin acknowledging that? Do you only want to believe that parents babywear because they are True Believers in babywearing? That’s not true.

    “What’s next, Motrin for the pain and inconvience of breast feeding? Get a grip Motrin!”

    If a nipple cream advertises itself as a solution for the pain associated with breastfeeding, do they need to get a grip too? Seems to me Motrin just played back what they hear in focus groups. Babywearing is the new thing (our mothers didn’t do it), and supposedly it’s better (though our moms put us in strollers and we turned out ok), and it seems like a good enough idea, but boy, it sure hurts at times. What’s the lack of truth in that?

    Is it that babywearing “shouldn’t” hurt? By the same token, nipple creams shouldn’t exist, since nursing “shouldn’t” hurt.

    Or is it that the tonality in the ad didn’t revere babywearing as the greatest thing on earth? Well, that’s the point of view that the target of mainstream moms holds, so there is no reason Motrin shouldn’t reflect that. It’s the crunchy moms, who aren’t Motrin’s target, who took offense. Funny how the crunchy moms don’t take offense to nipple creams positioning themselves as solutions to nursing pain. That’s, uh, different.

  9. Seriously~ so annoying! I guarantee just HOLDING A BABY in your ARMS and carrying a Bucket Seat around causes way more pain on your body than wearing them on your body. We are smart enough to know how to correctly use our slings to be effectively benefit ourselves and in turn our babies. Seriously give us some credit!

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