Tainted view – Wordless Wednesday

Tainted view – Wordless Wednesday

Alternate title – Why plastic bags suck.

View out my back door - AKA the moon and plastic bags - 1/9/09

This was the view out of my back door last Friday. A beautiful full moon framed by ugly plastic bags.

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  1. Oh I hate when I see bags in trees like that! It gets very windy here and I constantly see bags flying around, drives me nuts!

  2. yeah, looking at the bags, I didn’t notice the moon till I read your post. such a shame.

  3. Eep! Another good argument for cloth bags.

    The moon and tree are pretty, though. :-)

  4. I was just noticing a little goat pasture yesterday that had about 30 – 40 plastic bags all through it. Shameful.

  5. awwww that is terrible!

    We use reusable bags, but still get some grocery plastic bags for our garbage :( I do not know how else to do it.

  6. So sad to see an otherwise perfect view ruined by wasteful littering.

  7. Aww, that’s too bad…who uses those anymore, anyways?? Come on people!!


  8. And that is one of the main reasons I have been using reusable canvas bags for shopping for about 6 years now. It appears the stores are wising up-I see a lot more reusable bags for sale now everywhere I go. There is hope!

  9. I’ve never seen plastic bags in a tree before. *shrug* I thought they were owls. hehehehe


  10. for a moment I thought they were nests of some sort. Yeah, they should ban plastic bags altogether!

  11. Great photo and awesome juxtaposition of full moon and yucky plastic bags.
    Thanks for sharing!

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