The World chimes in about Barack Obama


  1. Enjoy your day. I am looking forward to watching the inauguration and seeing the process of change move to the next stage.

  2. Watch inauguration ceremony adn party live in HD on CNN web-site:
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  3. I’m glad you posted this today, rather than in November. It seems more appropriate to the general mood, IMO.

  4. Thanks for posting all those comments. I sincerely believe that the simple act of my vote, and those of everyone else who helped elect Obama, did change the way the world looks at America. Thank you.

  5. Wow. I had no idea of the impact that the US had on the rest of the world. You know, living in North Carolina it’s easy to think in the day-to-day mind set with little concern for everything else and everyone else. I have been so excited all day watching President Obama being sworn in and so I looked at many many pictures of all of the balls and stuff. I couldn’t understand why other countries were happy about a new president. I understand now. My country has been on the wrong track for a long time and the time is finally here for us to collect ourselves, as a nation, to become what we are suppose to be. I know the US is called some kind of superpower but when you live here, you don’t really see it that way, so when I saw all of those comments above…it was kind of hard to believe. BUT, either way, I’m super excited about our new administration and I hope President Obama carries out his plans for our future.

  6. as a Canadian living in the U.S., this whole election process was so interesting for us to live through.

    i am excited about this new chapter in the history of our adopted country. my son Josh, who is 4, came home and told us that they “celebrated Barack Obama” at school (they had an assembly for inauguration day) – and when he sees him on television he gets really excited.

    it struck me yesterday that my son really has no idea how important yesterday really was – he was excited because we were excited, but he doesn’t understand why it is exciting and important to see Barack Obama standing up taking the oath of office as the President. i found myself teary-eyed yesterday watching it happen, and i am looking forward to seeing what the next 4 years bring. i’m not naive enough to think that he can solve all of our problems in this country … but i am praying that he has the ability to rally around him people who will help him get the job done.

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