Laughter prevails – WW


  1. So sweet, brings back memories, hope you’re feeling better!

  2. W enjoyed that, but we have to request next time they add “stinky” to the mix ;)

  3. Too cute!

    My daughter also seems to feel that the word “poopy” is the key to a good joke.

  4. Bathroom humor ALWAYS wins, especially in our house. That video is teh awesome and brightened my afternoon, now to push it on co-workers.

  5. Yes “teh.”

    Toody Yucky!

  6. Very funny and cute, thanks for sharing. We are in a “bye bye poopy!” phase which just kills me every time.
    So glad to hear you are OK :)

  7. Luckily they aren’t saying Poopy Yummy!

  8. This is so darling! Kids are nothing if not an opportunity to (mostly) delight in the moment…

    And I”ve added your lovely blog to our Super Eco news feed.


  9. That is too funny. Cole loved saying ‘poopie’ for about 6 months- now he has moved on to ‘pee-pee.’ All the words in his songs get replaced with ‘pee-pee.’ Cute how one word can crack them up. :-)

  10. Amy,

    I’m sorry you’re going through some rough stuff right now.

    Hugs to you girlfriend.

    :–) Nell

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