My little bakers – Wordless Wednesday

My little bakers – Wordless Wednesday

The kiddos helped me make daddy’s birthday “blondies” (blonde brownies) on Tuesday. Aprons courtesy of Grandma.

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  1. OMG! That was so stinkin’ cute!

  2. Looks like they had the best time ever and the aprons are CUTE!

  3. Their happy little faces certainly made me smile!

  4. What great smiles! So how did those blondies turn out?

  5. What cute little helpers you have!

  6. I’ve never heard of blond brownies, but OMG, they look and sound awesome! I need me some blondies!!!!!!!! Is the recipe on here anywhere or should I google?

  7. Oh, DUH, I couldn’t see the link through my drool. LOL.. Never mind, found it, sorry. YUM

  8. I love having my kids in the kitchen w/ me….so much fun!!

  9. Oh my gosh, their aprons are to die for adorable!! So sweet! Love the photo!

    Happy WW!

  10. They are getting so big, Ava is all grown up and Julien is no longer a wee tot! Wow!

  11. Oh, I love baking with the kids and Blondies YUM!!

    Take Care :)

  12. They are adorable and I love their aprons. Now I am off to bake a batch of blondies.

  13. They look so sweet and happy! I bet they were made with tons of love! :o)

  14. wow,Julian is such a big boy now!Both of them are lovely.

  15. awww they are so sweet! Your son has grown up a lot! wow!

  16. They look like they’re having a great time! They’re so cute in their little aprons. Three cheers for Grandmas! And for “helping” mommy in the kitchen!

    Happy WW!

  17. Wow! I’ve been reading since Ava was an infant and I can’t believe how fast she and Julian have grown up!

    Mmmm, blondies… thanks for the idea…

  18. Cute picture!

    I heard on NPR yesterday that the City of Longmont has come one step closer to issuing those chicken licenses… congratulations! You’ll be joining us in Loveland soon enough. Our neighbors had chickens when we moved in.

  19. What cute little helpers you have! They look very proud of themselves =) I hope they enjoyed the blondies as much as they enjoyed making them!

  20. Cutest kitchen helpers EVER! The wee little aprons make them extra-cute :)

    I have 5 littles, and can only have one appointed kitchen helper at a time — they have to take turns helping mama…too many in the kitchen and it quickly becomes Kitchen Chaos!

  21. So cute! My daughter has been cooking with me as long as she was able to stand! Such great memories!

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