1. Beth – Thank you for capturing the example of the bathroom trash turned compost. Think of all of the soil amendment we’d have if the millions of paper towels in all of the public bathrooms went to compost. I say let’s use unbleached paper towels.

    The best way I know to keep myself, my family, and the environment healthy is to have a large vegetable garden every year. For my family it provides exercise (some days more than others); connects us to the outdoors (boosting psychological well-being); and provides us with fresh and pesticide-free food nearly all year long (even in Vermont). The result for the environment is fewer pesticides; decreased carbon emissions (since I can carry the food from the garden to my table rather than having is shipped from who-knows-where); and greater biodiversity in my yard.

    For people who don’t have time or space for a garden, walking to a farmers’ market will bring about many of the same benefits.

  2. Thanks for pointing this out! It becomes part of the cycle. It’s also another part of what I call “the green snowball.” No one single practice will singlehandedly save our earth, but it is all the little things done by all of us that will add up.

  3. Coffee is a necessity! No, but buying Fair Trade makes a huge difference. Coffee is one of the top traded goods–after oil.

    To keep healthy: vegetarian, no car, sex, and of course education–the more you know, the better you can be! Knowledge is power (corny but true!)

  4. I find it’s a much better investment to eat and live healthfully than to go to the doctor!

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