1. I’d love to try the strawberry!

  2. I love Greek yogurt! I’d like to try them all, but if I had to pick, I’d probably go with vanilla. :-)

  3. I’d like the try to honey flavor!

  4. Strawberry is my favorite yogurt flavor…but is this offer valid for Canadians? Either way, I love me some Stonyfield, and the Greek sounds great:)

  5. I also just love Stonyfield Farms Products…but hands down the Faye Greek Yogurt tastes the best….it is also organic….and as a Greek married to a Greek….Faye Greek Yogurt brings back so many wonderful memories….

  6. Hi Amy,

    I was so happy to find this post! I knew Stonyfield had invited you because I asked who the other sponsored bloggers would be and was happy to see your name among them but then wondered when I didn’t see a post. so yea! I’m so glad you decided to make the trip and I’m really looking forward to meeting you (and your roomie!)

    I also think you are incredibly brave for talking about your struggles with depression. Hats off to you!


  7. Greek yogurt is the best ever. I’m so in love with it. Especially with some honey stirred through. I also enjoy it with ginger and vanilla, to dip strawberries in. Mmmm

  8. Hi!! Sounds like a great company! I’d def. like to try the vanilla to mix in with fresh fruit.

  9. The honey sounds good! I’m so glad that you have a sponsor for your trip- what a blessing!

  10. Congrats!! I wish I was going. Hopefully next year.

    Hope you have tons of fun.

  11. Hey Amy & Lynn — I too am a Stonyfield sponsoree! Looking forward to seeing you both there — Do you know how many sponsorees there are total?

  12. Hi Amy,
    Congratulations – I predict that you will return from your trip a new and energized woman! We love Greek Yogurt in our house! My daughter loves the honey flavor the best.
    Have fun,

  13. Congrats on your sponsorship Stonyfield Farm is the only yogurt my family eats. And its been that way for a long time. I just recently started eating the greek yogurt. YUMMY!!!

  14. Congrats on getting an awesome sponsorship Amy!!!! Hope you have fun at BlogHer’s conference! I would love to go! (I need to get on BlogHer first!!!! grrr)

  15. how cool that they came to you!

    i loooove plain greek yogurt (add a little honey and i’m good to go) so i hope i win:-)

    i’m still up in the air about going to blogher. things have come up that weekend and even tho i’ve got an email that there’s a waitlist ticket for me, i think i can’t do it. i might come down on friday to see if i can mingle in….

  16. Awesome awesome awesome. I already know that our family is fully in love with their yogurt (so you can leave me out of the contest), but it reminds me that I’ve been wondering how we in CO return yogurt containers to them back East? Maybe if you’ve got a good contact (or they are reading your blog) we can get an answer?

  17. Congratulations and how exciting!! I also love the company, and I’m so glad they reached out to you. :) I think one day I’d like to go to BlogHer – it sounds like great fun! I look forward to reading all about your adventures. :D

    Never having tried Greek yogurt (I’ve heard it’s different [better ;) ] in Greece), we’d love to try some of the strawberry.

  18. Congratulations on being sponsored by a company you can be proud to represent! I became addicted to Stonyfield when I was pregnant with Roo…

    I haven’t found the Oikos locally yet but I’ve been looking for it.

  19. I’ve been meaning to try Greek yogurt for the kids. I can’t have any, but any way to get more protein into my vegetarian boy is a surefire win with me.

  20. That’s great! Good job.

    I love all the stonyfield products especially the new Greek yogurt. I haven’t tried the honey. Sounds yummy!

  21. They are amazing. I won’t enter because they sent us free coupons but wanted to say congratulations!! You deserve it!

  22. How wonderful to get the sponsorship – fabulous for you – and them!
    I would love to try the honey – usually I eat vanilla Greek yoghurt with honey on it – so it’s probably just as yummy with it in it.
    Haven’t seen it around here yet but will keep an eye out – Stonyfield is the only brand of yoghurt we eat so I’ll look for the Greek version.

  23. I would like the plain. I like to add other fruits and granola to it.

  24. Great to see you’ll be sponsored by a company with such a high level of awareness and responsibility! Have fun at BlogHer!

  25. I’d love to try the strawberry :D

  26. congrats on the sponsorship–what a blessing:)

    i’d go with the plain. yum…i love greek yogurt!

  27. I just recently found your blog and I am LOVING it! You’re a very inspirational woman, so thank you! :o) I also struggle with anxiety, so I am right there with you.

    As far as the yogurt, I’d love to try the vanilla!

  28. I love the organic greek yogurt by Stonyfield. I would love to try the honey flavor as I have not experienced that one yet. :-)

  29. My twins are crazy for vanilla yogurt, of course we always give them the Stonyfield baby yogurt. We would love to try the Vanilla Greek Yogurt.

  30. My son has sort of fallen off the Yogurt train, but I love it and its great frozen too, like a pudding pop. Any flavor, especially strawberry would be great!

    Thanks , Leslie

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