1. @nonsense – The concensus on the benefits of circumcision are inconclusive – Penile cancer is relatively rare and the UD has similar rates of penile cancer to many European countries (where circumcision is very rare). The UTI difference is 1% but the researchers never accounted that the intact newborns in tr study were catheterized increasingly the likelyhood of UTI’s not to mention women are ten times more likely to contract them. STD’s/HIV the study was conducted in Africa and since then has been shown to be extremely flawed, studies on STD/HIV contraction in regards of circumcision status have been conducted in the UK Australia New Zealand Puerto Rico and even one conducted by the US navy and it showed circumcision status had no effect in the contraction of the diseases. Not to mention HIV is more common in circumcised men in most african countries, and the US has the hugest rate of STD/HIV contraction of the first world nations, the first world nations that have lower levels are non-circumcising countries that have comprehensive sex ed programs and emphasis condom use. So let your kid keep his junk and teach him proper hygiene and safe sex.
    You were also being extremely dramatic with your jumps to non immunize or feed your children. Vaccines actually work and have an efficacy rate of upwards of 90% circumcision DOES NOT ! When it comes to food your priced nutrition but children can choose what they want to eat from a young age, regardless you can choose whatever diet you want when you can properly reason. Relating that to the excision of a healthy body part that is supposed to be there and caused no harm (and actually has an immunological defense that in some cases defends against certain STI’s) is far-reaching and shows you have no knowledge of the foreskin or how the procedure is carried out and your seriously undermining men’s genital integrity and an important human rights issue that most countries have realized is quite cruel and unneeded like we just realized in the late 90’s concerning the excision of the clitoral hood in the case of female circumcision (studies were conducted showing removal of tw clitoral hood may have some benefits in warding off HIV, do you believe that ?). It’s a big humans rights issue and if you feel parents should be allowed to do as they wish with their children why look down upon female circ ? Why look down upon physical punishment ? Or some forms of abuse ? It’s their kid ad thee parenting methods right ?

  2. This fuels the conspiracy to commit bodily harm and remove informed consent from infant boys. Removing healthy tissue from a normal penis is genital mutilation by definition. This just shows the money trail, where hospitals are double profiting. Circumcision is a barbaric practice and shouldn’t be legal anywhere on minors.

  3. I was circumcised as a baby. I am furious about it. To a large degree, I hate my parents, the medical field, the government, religion, and all of society for not only allowing, but promoting this barbaric atrocity. And now that I know big business is making profit from my stolen body part, I feel more enraged than ever. I have no recourse other than acceptance, but that doesn’t quell the anger. I feel betrayed by society, and I want revenge. But more importantly, I want circumcisions on minors to be banned. Nobody should have to live with and accept incomplete, scarred genitalia. Life is fucked up enough without adding problems.
    To everyone who thinks that circumcision is ok, would you have your child’s ears docked? What about your son’s “useless” nipples? Does your daughter need that labia? What about removing that bump in the nose? How about a tattoo? Why not a penis ring? Do you have the right to sterilize your child? And why stop at just the foreskin? Why not take some scrotal tissue, or the head of the penis? Are TWO testicles really necessary? Are you such a slave to social norms that you would jeopardize the well-being of your child in any way? CHOPPING THINGS OFF IS WRONG!!!!!
    And on a final note about cosmetics using my foreskin, I demand a large fucking royalty. I will find a lawyer or join a class action lawsuit. Big Pharm is out of control. The FDA is a joke. I am livid.
    Finally, fuck all the doctors. Their Hippocratic oath is a hypocritical oath.

  4. I am glad I came across this article. I am a 66 year old who’s foreskin was taken from me at birth without my consent. If males were NOT meant to have foreskins we would NOT have been born with them. My eldest son came within 10 seconds of having his foreskin removed at the Royal Brisbane Hospital while my wife was asleep, they had no written consent from either of us to perform a circumcision and it was lucky she woke up when she did.

    She asked the nurse where she was taking my son and when informed that he was being taken away to be circumcised she said in no uncertain terms ” Like Bloody hell you are, you get him back in this room because you better believe me if his farther turns up here tonight and finds his son minus his foreskin all Hell will break loose”

    When my wife informed me when I visited that night I located the person in charge and told them that if they had of circumcised mt son that day they would have been slapped with a 1 Million Dollar lawsuit within 48 hours naming the Royal Brisbane Hospital and the pediatric surgeon as respondents.

    I have 3 sons and none of them are circumcised.

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