1. I’m glad you might get your permit. I find chickens fascinating and would love to have some of my own, but we don’t really have the space for it. So I will have to live vicariously through folks like you. :)

    And I’m very glad that people who already have chickens will be able to keep them.

  2. Oh I do hope you get it- especially after all that work! I still have to laugh that you live right there in Longmont!!


  3. I <3 this post. Thanks for the update. Reiterated my desire for some chickens in MY yard for me, and for my soon to be 3 year old daughter. Going to wait til next Spring, but chickens we shall have!


  4. I SO want chickens, too, but this is not our forever-home and therefore I don’t want to go to all that effort for only a short period of blissful chicken ownership.

    I have a friend in NC who is always tweeting/posting about her chicken/egg escapades. I’m totally jealous!

  5. ooh good luck. i haven’t even checked on the ordinances in my community (i’m guessing we can’t have chickens, but you never know) because i don’t want to start pining for my own little birdies who lay eggs…..i hope i can live vicariously through you:-)

  6. Ok, I can not figure out that last picture. It looks to me like half a chicken in the background. the red one. I guess it’s bending over and angled weird or something. It just looks like it’s a chicken butt with legs and no body or head.

  7. I’m over here from your and phd’s tweets.

    Let me ask you this, how cold does it get during the winter there? I assumed that CO was pretty cold, but maybe not as much as here? That’s the wall I always run into when I think/dream/long for chickens… what to do in the winter. Even if we’d had a lovely, heated luxury of a chicken coop, it would have been COMPLETELY BURIED by snow this last winter. We had over 6′ of snow in our backyard!


    Hopefully my hubby will be posted to Africa in a few years. I will have all the fresh eggs and goat’s milk I want.

    (yes, that IS a crazy reason to want to move to Africa)

  8. Congrats Amy! My hubby saw something on the news about this last night and told me Longmont was included, so I thought of you right away. Glad to hear you’re going for a permit. Backyard chickens are easy and fun!! Yay!

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  10. My, what beautiful chickens & coop/tractor you posted here :) Thanks for helping with them!

  11. ahhhhhhhhhh I want chickens too!!!!! Unfortunately my back yard is the size of a postage stamp. One day though *sigh*

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