1. Looks like you have found a fantastic use for your new truck! And I can only imagine how wonderful your strawberries and tomatoes will taste – all with the help of your kids and worms, of course! This is the first year in ages that I have had a veggie garden – it is profoundly satisfying to eat what we have grown. Can’t get more local than that!

  2. Looks absolutely wonderful. And the pic of the kids gave me a chuckle. They look like they are going OOOO this is fun, not EWWWW, this is gross – even if you told them to say ew, they are obviously having a great time. LOL

  3. I love the raised beds! I have been gradually expanding my garden every year, too. I have my eye on some raised beds in the next year or two. It’s amazing how quickly you can become hooked by all that digging in the dirt.

  4. Looks awesome!!

  5. Awesome. I’m having a go too. I have 2 community plots and a container garden. I have no idea what I’m doing, but I’m enjoying learning as I go along. And it’s educational for the kids. We do everything from seed, which is extra special I think, to watch it all grow from something so tiny. It’s amazing.

  6. I have six trees on my lot… tomatos don’t do very well :( i feel ya, girl!

  7. Wow, that’s really impressive! I can’t imagine what your yard will look like by next year!

  8. looks gorgeous!!!! i am so impressed and a teensy bit jealous. this year i went from 3 pots to 5 and we’ve had a lot of rain so i’m hoping that will bode well for my tomatoes etc….maybe next year i’ll move into raised beds…can’t wait to see more:-)

  9. Love your garden! Thanks for sharing the photos, now I’m itching to garden. I had planned on doing one this year but late pregnancy made me far too lazy. LOL I wonder if it’s too late to get a few things going now.

  10. It’s looking really good, Amy! It is in the genes because your great-grandpa (my grandpa) George Cutler had a huge garden on Clyde Park in Wyoming, MI and, with 9 children and 40 grandchildren, there was a lot of sharing going on(and not just the vegetables, but the work too).

  11. looks amazing – we are partaking in a CSA this summer – but one where we do alot of the work and it’s amazing but also a wee bit overwhelming – my girl is learning all about where food comes from which was one of the main reasons we joined.

  12. i’m going to get some raised beds this year too! stupid moles keep disturbing my root systems and i’ve been planting things in plastic pots in the ground as a stop-gap measure :P

  13. We sound like we are on the same path…each year stepping up the gardening effort.

    Looks great!

  14. Good for you! We started gardening last year with great success, and like you, have expanded this year. My son who is almost 4, really loves helping and seeing all of the foods grow, more than anything the fun part comes when we can pick things to eat.

  15. there is nothing as great as the success of a garden – not just one that makes fruit or food… but one that grows and looks more spectacular than expected…

  16. Nothing tastes better than eating food from your own garden. Good for you for using as much space as you can. I wish my yard was bigger, and I wish for a greenhouse. I think EVERYONE should have a garden, even if it’s just a few pots. Think of the difference it would make in our world if we all gardened just a little bit!

  17. I started my first veggie garden this year but I’m sure how much I grow is going to grow (haha) every year!!

    It’s addicting!

    I’m very jealous of your backyard by the way. :)

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