The event that changed my life forever


  1. Happy birthday to Ava!

    Mothering is amazing and life changing, that’s for sure. It’s also an incredible gift. We’re so very lucky to experience this, there’s nothing else quite like it.

  2. Five is a great age! Heck, they all are great ages in their own ways :) Happy Birthday, Ava…and Happy Birthing Day Anniversary to you, Amy <3

  3. I knew that motherhood would be a light filled and sometimes challenging adventure, but I had no idea that it would be spiritually enlightening. I am with you on being thankful for the life changing experience!

    Happy Happy Day to you both!

  4. I’m one day late but happy day! Your story, well, thoughts are so awesome, and so true. I kept a journal before and after my 8-year-old arrived and it’s so weird (but cool) to look back. My thoughts have changed so much.

  5. Very sweet words. Happy birthday Ava!

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