1. Hooray!!!!

    One of the most agitating sounds on earth is the sound of gas-powered lawn equipment. I especially hate leaf blowers.

    Gas-powered lawn equipment don’t have emissions control that cars do. There is no catalytic converter or muffler. You have air and noise pollution.

  2. Our neighbors think we are crazy :) We have a push mower and we love it. We do not have a vast lawn either but enough that the hill that our house is on is a work out!

    I get the stares, being 9 months pregnant push mowing the lawn, but I love it.

  3. Oh how I long for a mower like that….

    :wistful sigh:

  4. My mom made me buy her a push mower like that for mothers day! She LOVES it!

  5. Elliot: I agree. We have a neighbour that mows his lawn every day during nap time it seems. Makes me love winter (when grass is covered by snow).

  6. As I type, my dear hubby is out in the back mowing our postage stamp with a reel mower.
    I have to be honest and say that I talked him into it and he was not thrilled, but lately he seems to actually like mowing!
    He says the work out is enough to feel but not enough to hurt and that he doesn’t miss the noise and mess of our old rotary mower.
    YAY for quiet cutting and a “greener” lawn!

  7. Go you! I love that it is a gift to Jody to mow the lawn for him — I do that as a special treat for my hubby too!

    We’ve loved our rotary mower the last few years. I am a little apprehensive about our new house/yard as the grass area is much bigger, but that is all the more motivation to put in some gardens and take out some of the grass!

  8. Love it, Amy! We have had a push reel mower for a couple of years now and it is just wonderful.

    Although I am trying, I must admit I have not yet been bitten by the outdoor (gardening, mowing, etc) bug. :o)

    Keep on crunchin’!

  9. Cool! :)

    We love our push mower. It is just more fun to use. A definite challenge on our hillside clover and grass. I usually mow the lawn myself since I love doing it.

  10. We love our reel mower. Love it. My in-laws think we are crazy but then again the reel mower probably isn’t the only reason they think we are crazy!

  11. We have a reel mower and I love it. I have a three year old and I can mow the lawn with her right there and I don’t have to worry about picking anything up with the lawnmower and having it fly out and hurt her. And I don’t have to start the lawnmower again every time I have to stop and chase an ant out of the sandbox, tie her shoe or whatever else.

  12. We have a Brill Reel mower… I LOVE it! It’s a great workout every week, but is actually enjoyable instead of loud, vibrating, and heavy.

  13. We have a reel mower and I LOVE it. I was the same as you: hadn’t ever mowed until we bought it. Now, I’m happy to mow and Alan does the weed-eating. :)

  14. My husband and I asked for and received a reel mower for our wedding, and it’s amazing! I swear it’s actually easier to push than the electric. Our back yard is actually quite large and we weren’t sure that we’d really be able to handle it with the reel, but my hubby can cut it in under 15 minutes. And it reaches the spots where the electric couldn’t because our extension cord wasn’t long enough!

    Can’t say enough great things about reel mowers, I wish everyone realized how easy they really are.

  15. I’m glad I’m not the only one that uses one of these! My dad just laughed and laughed when I showed it to him. But then he tried it, and now he’s hooked too! I can use it to work on different areas of the yard each day while my kids play outside. Then their dad isn’t tied up all Saturday morning and can play with them instead.

  16. We looked in to a reel mower but our yard didn’t fit in with the types they say are good for them so we got an electric which is a good choice if reel mowers don’t work for your yard.

    My husband doesn’t feel as bad after using it without the fumes, great to not have to buy gas, it’s super quite, etc… We love it. I know it’s not as green as a reel mower but it’s a hell of a lot better than gas haha.

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