1. I LOVE this blogpost and may use your idea for my blog too…..( I haven’t written mine for a while either… : } )

  2. I loved your idea! I linked back to you in my post. Thanks!

  3. It really brings clarity to life when you sit down and recognize all these simple (or complicated) things that bring you pleasure or frustration.

    I love that generally I’m feeling “love” or “like” and not so much “dislike.”

    Wonderful post! Thanks for writing it!

  4. Love this! Dislike that my keyboard is jacked and typing takes hours. LOL

  5. Whenever my sister or I said the word “hate” my parents would say (ad nauseum), “Hate is a very strong word.” And we were encouraged to use something else. So that really resonated with me.

    Wonderful list.

  6. I have been thinking about a post where I talk about a spectrum of choices–and how we aren’t all perfect all the time but should rather strive for better choices in the areas that matter to us as opposed to total perfection in everything.

    But I really love the way that you lay it out in such an authentic, heartfelt way here. I may just take you up on that meme.

  7. I’m going to try and write a list today, when blogger starts working better haha.

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